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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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5, Qian Zhongshu: “ chases after this ” that seek a source. The home can be read to collect books mediumly when Qian Zhongshu is 18 years old, 14 years old are browsed large quantities of common literature magazine. After he is fastened in the western literature that takes an examination of Tsinghua, prefer to read extensively books of Chinese and Western. He studies abroad from flower law after going back to the motherland, the professor of institute of normal school of the Ren Latian after Ceng Xian, southwest the United Nations General Assembly and Tsinghua university. As a result of him “ should have a book only readable, do not beg ” without battalion, so the person says “ book crazy ” . His composing has " Tan Yilu " , " Guan Zhui piece " and " encircle a city " etc, additionally still prosaic collect, novel collect, artistic composing waits. " encircle a city " in 20 centuries 40 time are published later, ever dump is all at that time scholar, ever “ chats not to say at that time " encircle a city " write down, even if read poetic book the view of futile also ” . Qian Zhongshu's achievement, chase after this begging with his the source reads calligraphy is not divided. Chase after this begging after the source reads calligraphy to discover a problem when read namely, with a variety of reader photograph connection, the analysis with detailed course, quite, after seeking testimony, get to be able to solve a problem read method. This book reads in the light of this kind the method lifted an example to try to explain. Clear Dai Yuanmei is in " the notes on poets and poetry that follow garden " in the line that ever criticized Mao Jiling fault to judge Su Shi. Because, su Shi is in the poem say: ” of prophet of warm duck of water of “ Chun Jiang, so, mao Jiling judges: “ decides this duck prophet, doesn't goose know? ”Yuan Mei is very angry, if want to take Mao Jiling's view,think, so " The Book of Songs " the “ in closes Guan Sui turtledove, in the river continent ” also is a mistake, have Sui turtledove only, is there culver? This writing lawsuit of Yuan Mei and Mao Jiling, after all is whose blame, if be average person looked to also go, but, qian Zhongshu does not look so however. Qian Zhongshu " Xi Heshi word " roll 5 searched, how do meaning the former word that sees Mao Jiling say after all. Search in when pass Qian Zhongshu hind, the original intention that he discovers Mao Jiling is: What Su Shi's poem imitates is Tang poetry “ road bird prophetic ” is looked for between the flower sentence, but it is clumsy that its are imitated very much. When the person finds a way, because the bird is familiar with the road between the flower, the bird is so more prophetic than the person. And the animal in water can feel changes in temperature, su Shi says duck is only prophetic however, that is incorrect. Is it possible that Su Shi's line made a mistake really, qian Zhongshu did not stop because of this. The original verse that he looked for Su Shi again " evening scene of Hui Chongchun river " , the say in the poem: The peach blossom outside “ bamboo 29 branches, warm duck of Chun Jiang water is prophetic. ”This poem of original Su Shi draws a title for, because there is peach blossom, Chun Jiang, bamboo, duck on the picture, so Su Shi writes ” of “ duck prophet in the poem. Look, su Shi does not have a fault, however Mao Jiling is wrong. To clear up the problem, the original work that Qian Zhongshu found out Zhang Wei again " banquet of Home Chun Yuan " , write in original work: Person of hutch of the travel in “ bamboo disappears, spend a ” of prophet of the bird that seek a way. The person finds a way in the garden, not as familiar as bird satisfy the need, this is realistically. And Su Shi says in the poem duck is prophetic, it is enjoyable, meaning praising spring scenery, this is the sublimate of picture artistic conception, experience be a poet distinctly, look, the ” of “ bird prophet that ” of “ duck prophet wants to compare Zhang Shi is more brillant. Finally, qian Zhongshu cited " diary of building of Hunan figured woven silk material " this word comes ” of medium a poem of four lines of “ before last praise Su Shi, issued a verdict, the “ that thinks Mao Jiling is a mistake only can tell a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, tell a poem to often do not have intention, meanness is funny, do not know east slope pains ” . We see Qianzhong book not hard from inside this example be practical and realistic, get greatly fine grind, and with a view to the mutual contrast between each work, of mutual connection read method. Of Qian Zhongshu read method, useful force is collected at scholar rich numerous long, draw inferences about other cases from one instance, undertake a variety of thinking such as new inference and new imagination take exercise; Conduce to education the scholar is rigorous the study spirit that be realistic; Conduce to the capacity that increases scholar Shen Saishen to take.
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