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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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(5) study must perserve. Common saying says one impediment of ” of “ constant effort brings success, “ does not become fatso ” . Accordingly, had better make plan of a study, often ego is supervised, strict requirement, everyday or him grading or let parental examination, whether to complete study plan, why to finish, how to remedy etc. Anyhow, learn cannot by enthusiasm, 3 days fish, two insolation network does not become a major issue.

(6) study must know be united all right. Want the adj relationship according to understanding and practice namely, rise study and practice union, avoid by all means learns and need not. The person that “ knows goes only then, the person that go knows into ” , in order to know the travel ability effective for guidance, breaking away from the travel that know is act blindly. Same, with travel test and verify knowing ability is penetrating judgment, break away from of travel knowing is to know for nothing. Accordingly, knowing and doing is unified should pay attention to practice: It is to should be good at reviewing in practice middle school, edge practice, edge study, edge is accumulated. 2 be bend forward travel practice, the knowledge that must come to study namely, use in real work, solve real problem. So-called study for the purpose of application, emphasize reading namely must be united in wedlock with real phase. Zhu Xi ever put forward “ to need perusal first, make its Yan Jiere stems from my mouth, afterwards is thought of with essence of life, make its meaning is like the heart ” that stems from me. Comrade Mao Zedong ever emphasized for many times, read should pay attention to understand and apply, not dead back is dogmatic, break away from with real phase. When Comrade Mao Zedong is reading the book of Marxism-Leninism, can combine the practice of Marxism-Leninism theory and Chinese revolution, creativity ground applies, make Chinese revolution gained a victory. We each person should master this kind to read method, inside our limited time, read more books, obtain bigger more results.

Perhaps somebody can ask read why to must be contacted with real phase, its reason is:

(1) the knowledge that must go up to the book in the study sth in order to apply it undertook correctly examining. The knowledge on the book wants to be contacted with real phase, if with real phase connection succeeded, the knowledge that goes up with respect to the manual then is scientific and reasonable, if failed with actual connection, the knowledge that goes up with respect to the manual then is unscientific unreasonable.

(2) the purpose that read depends on applying, depend on the life of directive people and study sth in order to apply it, read and do not contact with real phase, it is otiose. Read with what contact actually, connection reads actually, be a kind most of effective read method.

(3) the penetrating judgment that if you think the knowledge that gets on the book,becomes oneself, the knowledge that must get on the book and oneself life (the job) experience photograph is united in wedlock, become a comprehensive knowledge. If have the knowledge on book only, and do not be united in wedlock with photograph of study sth in order to apply it, be a kind one-sided, useless knowledge.
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