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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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The first, associate memory. Write down an a thing, number more difficult alone. Associate to remember easily with other concerned thing however, associate with interesting common, commonly used thing or number especially, associate with the thing that affects a source to oneself, more forget not easily. If the height of Japanese Fujiyama is 12365 feet, forget very easily. But this number has 365 days of 12 months, likeness with a year, associate number of the height of Japanese Fujiyama and month of a year, day, won't forget forever. Mainland area of the earth is kilometer of 510 million square, but with “ 51 ” labor day associates. The girlfriend of Einstein hopes Einstein often calls to her, say “ my telephone call is bad to write down, ask you to be written down with the pen. ” Einstein says you say “ , I am listening. ” cummer tells: “24361” . Einstein says I remembered “ , your telephone call is good write down, it is the square ” that two ‘ hit ’19 (“ hits ” , like pencil one “ hits ” to be 12, two “ hit ” for 24, the square of 19 is 361) . Here, einstein also is those who use associate memorial law.

The 2nd, homophonic memory. To the number that notes hard, with identical or the word sound of close writes a speech or a word is written down. Be like, the height of Mount Everest is 8848 meters. Usable “ climbs, climb, 4 climb ” this word will write down it. The Grant Canal of our country north and south is long for 1794 kilometers. Usable “ stretch with respect to dead ” this word is written down. Marx birthday is on May 5, 1818. We can write down “ spank, spank, hit toot cries ” . Length of the Yangtse River is 6300 kilometers, the ” of “ Liu San of film of elder sister ” of Liu San of close “ of sound of “6, 3” , from the back two “0” but figure is written down for glasses. Such, we wear glasses ” with elder sister of “ Liu San this word can remember length of the Yangtse River. To digital number, we can write a speech arbitrarily or sentence, can make full use of local accent or transliteration acting meaning.

The 3rd, memory of a pithy formula. remembrance content writes a pithy formula or folk song, be one kind many as dry as a chip the memorial method that is gout. Law of this kind of memory is the special local product of our China, the foreigner learns not to go. Try much material to condense, become a pithy formula, poetry, make its rhyme, increase interest, facilitating recital. If our country is olden " a hunderd schools is surnamed " , " 3 words classics " , still the prescription of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine that writes down harder is adapted " song of a prescription for a medical decoction " , the cheeper that did not go to school also can bright recital. Additional, still have the memorial verse that uses our country to save city abbreviation to make up: Two lakes two wide two land, gui Jifu installs 3 river cloud, shuang Ning on 4 days north, new on the west pleasant of Hei Mengqing short for Shaanxi Province. 30 provinces city adds Hainan, chongqing labels a municipality directly under the Central Government, hongKong and Macow returns to end-all. Among them, two lakes point to Hunan, Hubei. Two land point to Henan, Heibei, shandong, Shanxi. 3 rivers point to Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Zhejiang. Shuang Ning points to Liaoning and Ningxia. Here should point out, before remembering a poem originally two are Zhou En comes to what the premier is our country people to stay before one's death, because Hainan has not built a province in those days, a “30 was added to save city to add Hainan ” again so when reciting place name poem again now.
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