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Study a method
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Study method has broad sense and narrow sense two kinds of understanding.

Broad sense points to in learning a process, everything learns the purpose, step that master study content and takes, method, way to achieve, and the link such as the principle of sex of a few operations that study place should follow, organization management.

The bestow of specific activity arrange that narrow sense points to to the learner in learning a process adopts is politic.

Substantial, studying a method is the activity of a series of mutual correlation, it is learner in the certain adjustment that learns a principle guidance falls, produce oneself psychological ability and physical power conciously, connect a series of specific meanses and method what form for an organic whole to have the activity of clear purpose. Study method can be behaved already for experience, can behave again for theory, both comes from the study practice of people, accurate study method also is the object of study. What what we discuss is the study method of broad sense, because learn not to point to the study on book only, still include the study in the life.

Say simply, the meaning that masters study method depends on learning more efficiently. To the student, study method points to the method that how improves study result and efficiency namely, and this method often is the strategy that contains tendency of student individual character and experience sex.

Study method although normally more attention be givinged birth to by middle and primary school, actually anybody cannot leave to study a method. The method is the achievement of the thought. So, what methodological stand or fall reflects is the actor bad of thinking character. Because good method can help a person achieve a goal more businesslikely, so a lot of people always feel certain to have a kind of method by accident is the shortcut that can lead to a success, since be the method should have effortless method, need not pay the method that can implement even, it is big erroneous can'ts bear really. Because, although had good method, do not go acting to achieve a goal impossibly also. The method can save strength only, but cannot effortless.

What is those who study a method at all? Be aimed at in the learner of school character, for better control knowledge, basic study tool is memory, understanding and practice, basic method won't ask namely, do not know go to school. Actually this to the adult, the truth also is same.

Each should also can have only more appropriate oneself study method. Be just like, somebody likes to endorse in the morning, the memory before somebody likes to sleep is same. This needs to him learner is experienced and consider.

Learning a method to be in what specific practice behaves in the process is a series of little skill, but the great wisdom that thes upper part of the body in essence those who show is a person.

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