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Student learning method is instructional
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The main purpose of this section is: To the study of pupil the method offers specific guidance. Learn methodological guidance to pupil, begin from the study motive that arouses them above all, the study motive that arouses pupil not only it is the germinant link that has study guidance to its, also be the most important segment; Will speak of directive pupil raising a few kinds of of memory commonly used methods next; Eventual introduction coachs pupil raises the method of the ability that solves a problem.

One, the study motive that how arouses pupil

Can cause, the activity that keeps a person, direct this activity some target, in order to satisfy individual the idea of some kind of need, desire, ideal, it is motive. The main condition that causes motive has two, it is immanent condition, 2 it is explicit condition. Immanent condition basically shows “ needs ” .

Need makes the person produces desire and drive power, cause behaviour. Explicit condition is individual all sorts of stimulation besides. These stimulation include corporeal element to also include sociality factor, a general designation is ” of “ environment element, it also is one of causes that cause motive. Altogether to be able to cause individual motive and can satisfy the explicit stimulation of individual demand, call “ inducement ” . Behavior can be caused by need, also can cause by environmental element, but motive often is the result that immanent condition and explicit condition affect interactively.

General component is motive two kinds. The first kind of physiology with the body needs to concern, these motive are inherent, call primitive sex motive, biology sex motive or physiology sex motive, for example hungry, thirsty, Morpheus; The 2nd kind is concerned with psychology and social association, call afterwards to send motive of sex of sexual motive, sociality motive, psychology, for example friendship, love, praise.

What thing can make a student want to learn? In fact, the student is willing to pay effort to learn is a variety of elements the result of joint action. These elements include: The interest of ability of the student's individual character, study, study, behaviour that studies environment and teacher. Motive has varied, except study motive, still have other intention. Otherwise, why some students like to learn, some students like to watch TV however, or do a few businesses that have nothing to do with school study? The task of the teaching staff is not to raise motive itself, go however the discovery, study motive that arouse and strengthens a student, make they attend to go in the activity that concerns with study.

Learning motive is the impetus that studies an activity, also call the motive force of study. The whole system place that forms by all sorts of different motivation elements causes study activity of the student. Be engaged in studying an activity, need except what should have study beyond, have the study cause that satisfies this kind of need even. Study target is the same as the student's need one case, become the important composition factor that studies motive.
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