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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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2, Zheng Banqiao: Perfectness ” of Song of “ be apt to. Zheng Banqiao not only it is “ Tangxi's scholar, harmony a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties, ” of Qianlong a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, still be Chinese Qing Dynasty acting famous picture sends “ Yangzhou the leader figure of 8 strange ” . Although, deficient of home of its one's early years, but, its learn frequently, be apt to learns, ultimate grow to full size. Zheng Banqiao advocates Song of be apt to, read much taste more namely, zheng Banqiao thinks to have only such, just can achieve “ to heal explore goes out more, grind to be entered more more, be gone to more and do not tell the state of its place poor ” . Otherwise although ” of “ be able to recite sth after reading it over once, but did not undertake iteration recital, careful appreciate, meet only pass namely, won't have real income. Clearly, what what Zheng Banqiao praises is mug of Su Dongpo “ the spirit of 4 beat ” and Confucius “ Wei Biansan absolutely the pains of ” , is not ” of their “ be able to recite sth after reading it over once, zheng Banqiao applied this kind of be apt to to read what write down by force to read just about method, just made picture, poem, book 3 absolutely. Zheng Banqiao advocates Song of be apt to not only, and the view is perfectness, namely purposeful, selectively Song is written down. He ever said in the family letter: “ if " history write down " 130 in, with " Xiang Yu this discipline " for most, and " Xiang Yu this discipline " in in order to hard iron the meeting below the banquet of door of Lu Zhi battle, grand, Gai is most. Turn over iteration to watch, ke Xin but sob, count Duan Er here. Be like " history write down " , piece piece read, word word is written down, be not those who do not have outcome is blunt Chinese! Have fictionist talk more, all sorts of hearsay are evil music, reach doggerel term, yi Fu is photographic, be like tattered hutch ark, lay aside of all of smelly oily bad sauce among them, its are dirty also be able to bear or endure to be not gotten. ”Quotative family letter explains, zheng Banqiao objects blindly random Song chaos is written down. Although in that way, can ” of “ be able to recite sth after reading it over once, but without place not Song, it is to read however of pursue one's studies one big abusive. The person that does in that way, namely dye-in-the-wood goofy, blunt Chinese! Summary gave perfectness ” of Song of “ be apt to in the study sth in order to apply it that Zheng board bridge is reading read method, he thinks to read must have a method, must want commit to memory and be able to recite. But, the crucial question that read is however, ” of be apt to of exquisite when commit to memory and be able to recite “ and “ essence ” two words.

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