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Walk out of review 6 big errors
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Undertake inside limited time efficient review, obtain optimal result, it is a of all examinee collective wish. But, mix as a result of individual difference in fact of the method different, review the effect to differ very big, the loss that causes as a result of methodological improper nots allow to ignore more. Every year a lot of examinee raise such question: “ why I am more assiduous than others, and didn't achievement often rise apparently? ” has such interrogative examinee to need to adjust besides study method besides, notice oneself were immersed in the following kinds to review an error even:
Error one: Do not have exacter location to oneself, reach for what is beyond one's grasp. A lot of examinee do not have sober understanding to his practical capacity, him overmeasure level, difficult problem is gotten blindly in reviewing a process, oversight ABC, pursuit solves a catch question to blame a problem opportunely, oversight is epicene open a way. Actually, ability is formed gradually below the premise that mastering ABC, basic technical ability and basic method. Occupy to the check of ABC in active the university entrance exam 70% , this is about to beg examinee to seize a base in the process of study, basis is only firm, just can talk increase capacity. ?

Error 2: Reach every aspect of a matter, blindly demand perfection. To every examinee, no matter the angle from overall situation, still be the angle from only branch, accomplish reach every aspect of a matter impossibly. Besides, because examination paper of the university entrance exam accepts the restriction of time of a face, examination, involve all knowledge feature impossibly, sure it is to have have again light, have advocate have second. Accordingly, examinee is in the process that for reference, want those who notice counterpoise nods knowledge to review. The key is outstanding, primary and secondary is distinguished, review the effect to just had been met. ?

Error 3: Study does not have a plan, follow blindly from the teacher. Gao Sanfu be used to has time of nearly one year commonly, the student should do a lot of things, study consolidates knowledge is reached raise ability to pay equal attention to. The teacher has reviewing guidance for the standard by the level of all student, but the foundation between examinee has difference, study means and savvy are endless and identical, so every examinee should the characteristic according to oneself, protocol gives the study that suits his to plan, clear everyday learn the job, arrange time reasonably, and must complete a plan. ?

Error 4: Do sth bit by bit, mechanical memorizing. The design thought of title of the university entrance exam often locates on the integrated application of the transverse connection between knowledge and knowledge and of all kinds knowledge and skill. Review in the first round in, must emphasize intellectual systematization and integrality, and learn dot of Baconian summary knowledge and commonly used basic method, understanding is departmental the connection between cent knowledge and change, only such ability are helpful for integrated ability raising the agile application with knowledge. ?
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