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Why to always learn bad English?
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1, the English that why can understand a Chinese, cannot understand the foreigner's English however?

RE: Have a nightmare of  of discharge of joyous  of Yi Qiao  " moth of  of leech of ostrich of cellar abundant  Mo Zhong sunlights  of approach of disease grey extensive quail says to flinch Mo Zhong sunlights  of disease Huang Yu ぃ compares joyous  of  of the Tong that change ハ English of China of?ldquo; of archives of prize of 5 my cheek, just understand not easily each other. When accent of dialect of our take out, say English clearly, arrive by clarity again ambiguous, say completely to agree with the foreigner (same clarity, euqally ambiguous) , be opposite when us namely the foreigner is slow fast, when clear speech and fast, ambiguous speech are particularly familiar, ability is understood each other. In fact, in flower, beautiful, add, bay wait for a country, what majority person says is ambiguous English is dialectal. And any ambiguous dialect come from the root at it - - clear standard word. Must learn English phonetics of the standard so, abandon thoroughly Chinese English, just understand the English dialect accent of other more easily. If you say ” of your “ China English, the “ that he says him English ” does not understand some country each other of course.

2, why to practice conscientiously, is spoken language not fluent still? Is “ is imitated best methodological ” ?

RE: Does times disease return spade of river of island of Suo  Song melt does Qing see spade of Ba Xiu of  of  Jin  protect ⒋ of Qian of ⒊ of yo of childish of  Europe ⑾ all large  melt hazel Sui  of Hui of  of г of cellar of ostrich of Wei of 0 bed ヒ does ⑾ of yo of be good at ⑸ buy ⅰ does ⒑ rancor? Yuan Jiwan of americium of Wo of the Kingdom of Wei of  of Q of toad of Yao of Gou of Lei beans μ ancienting name for a water catltrop lives americium of  of  of Γ of beans of Lei of bottle of accept of sparrow of Huang of figured woven silk material of  of stand upright of calamity of cellar of ⒎ of Sui of sulphur of establish of ё of river of < cease hanging island Home Lang ancienting name for a water catltrop accumulate Cixin of Fu of Mao constant  . The clarity that wants to achieve spoken language truly is fluent, begin from main speech only, the speech that had clear level and go all out read group synaeresis skill, just have word and long sentence colloquial whole feeling. Be just like lid house is brick decision edifice, is not edifice decision brick.

3, why foreigner sound and we are different, do not imitate come up?

RE: Does  of cake of  of virtuous badger accept cut Meng Yi of  of  of bright of instrument of ⒂ of dysentery of acute hearing boil in water for a while into parts to emerge does hawk of ⒊ of Di of Sui delay Zhu blow Yang of  of  of manganese of  of lie of Ping of thin  of You of modular  Yang whoop does Xi mildew stop  of kang of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of reed of Р of value standard  standing tall and upright group?
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