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Reviewed method and strategy
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The basis forgets the rule, the content of study consolidates the method is reviewed in time namely best. Reviewed method and strategy are very much, as a result of limited space, we introduce a kind to everybody only here we consider as more effective revise a method- - 4 programs revise a law. 4 programs of alleged " review law " , review thoroughly namely 4 link that the process differentiates to concern to the program exists between 4 fluctuation.

1, try memory

Alleged attempt memory is the content after-thought that learns classroom. Somebody is its analogy " regurgitation " , resemble an ox or the sheep is same, return the food that has entered cancer of the stomach in oral cavity again fine fine try to chew. This kind of method is actually oneself are checked in oneself, force going up oneself have thinking activity.

Try the advantage of memory, can behave at least for the following 4 respects:

(1) in the course that the effect that can check classroom study recalls in the attempt, if can want correctly to recollect all or major content that gives classroom study, the effect of the prepare lessons before class that this can prove oneself and classroom study is good. The effect that to examine correctly oneself prepare lessons before class and classroom study, when beginning to try memory, had better not read book or note of attend a lecture first, when book or note of attend a lecture read again when wanting not to come out. To deepen memory, still can think out to keep main content at the same time at the same time. The effect that tries memory so will be better.

(2) because try memory,can increasing memorial capacity is a kind of vigorous thinking activity, the knowledge that it can have learned itself, in have not enter before forgetting condition, it is in brains emersion, this is of course those who be helpful for memory is retentive.

(3) the enthusiasm that can increase to read and arrange note is recollected through the attempt, cross the content of classroom study again in brain, often oneself had known those who remember, oneself did not master what did not remember, this explains memory is the examination to studying the effect fitly. Think the study content that comes out to those, look naturally with respect to can rapid move or take notes. Such, aroused see book and the initiative that arrange note, regard reviewed focal point as self-consciously forgetting content, make review have specific aim.

(4) the process of thinking of introspection of the meeting when the ability that can develop thinking tries memory, generalize the content of classroom study even. And once want not to come out, even the clue that ground of leave no stone unturned seeks memory, this is to doing " to remember gymnastic " undoubtedly. Accordingly, one often tries the student of memory, remember ability to be able to rise somewhat not only, and the ability of thinking also can get rising certainly.

2, read seriously
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