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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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At all times and in all over the world, a lot of eminent scholars are very exquisite read method. Write concrete number to learn a Hua Luogeng to think: “ learns to read as professional as what learn necessarily knowledge is coequal and important. A sociologist of ” England once undertook investigating to gainer of a few nobel prize. Discover these National People's Congress think to master more read it is important that the method wants more specific than mastering knowledge. Lin Yutang ever also had said: “ someone reads read half world, also do not read give what taste come, because read bad book,be, reach do not get its pronunciation. ” from of old, the person that read is very much, but “ most person won't read ” (Fu Ertai) , that is to say most person did not master the method that read.

Once a few kinds read wrongly the method has been criticized. These accept criticism read method, if the following place lists: The first kind: Be ” of “ one hungry is not choosy about his food read the method is having this kind to read methodological person, without giving thought to what book, capture is worn what does see, do not set out from real need, do not choose good book, the result brings about: Spent a lot of time to read, do not have how old results in thought and study respect however. The 2nd kind: It is “ trots along on horseback of type of the ” that watch a flower read the method has this kind to read methodological person, when reading, have an insatiable desire for much more corrupt fast, careless, do not be good at analysis and the thought content that evaluate reader and artistic characteristic, the result brings about: Read a lot of books, but the impression that did not leave profundity however. The 3rd kind: Be type of ” of “ cull phrases but not meaning read the method has this kind to read methodological person, read a book to come very fine, can come down a little paragraphic back even, but the main viewpoint that induce however and generalizes bad book, the knowledge that makes acquire comes loose like one caboodle sand is same, cannot make systematic thing.

Look from the circumstance above, those are not exquisite read methodological person, although like to read very much, also won't have read very well the effect. A large number of facts prove, always those read the person that has effect, take the method that read and skill seriously very much. In recent years, a lot of scholars put forward to want to build “ study to learn ” , “ to read the tentative idea that learns the respect of pursue one's studies such as ” .

Now, a lot of countries such as the United States, France improve read the method serves as a main task, constituent expert development studies. Read although the method was not included formal course in, but it is however perforative the self-educated lesson that learns whole process at reading, master its accurate method is very important. What this no less than says in the story of ” of “ touch a stone and turn it into gold: Celestial being turned the block of roadside into gold to send end Chinese, and end Chinese however say: You gave “ my gold, I always am met of consumed, you or you the finger of this kind of touch a stone and turn it into gold teachs me! ”This story, admonish common people: Although gold is commendable, but the means that wins gold is more commendable however. If, go to this truth amplify read in, although knowledge of that is to say and ability are very important, but more important is the method that gains study knowledge however.
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