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Magical function " super " learn a way
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Prepare 4 a title label pasted on the cover of a Chinese-style thread-bound book, before 4 bookmark want to go to, move everyday, undertake learn or be reviewinged.

The first bookmark is “ trailbreaker ” , its main task is serious ground is read, thorough ground thinks, associate widely, consult at any time concerned material.

After serious study ends, want to will be become all study content of the page, summary gives an another issue (cannot omit) , will write on the book uppermost blank is in every page, next according to these problems, quiz one by one oneself (do not read a book) , can come on the answer, even if through; Do not answer those who come up, farewell head is read seriously, till be below the case that does not read a book, can use oneself language, complete, accurate, glibly speaks out.

The task of the 2nd bookmark, it is to should review the thing that learns before today (namely the content that ” of scanning of “ of place of the first bookmark crosses) . According to German psychologist Ai Binhao this forget a curve famously, the person's oblivion speed is first fast hind slow, so if can review in time, below the circumstance that the stuff that learns to place in oneself namely has not forgotten, the thing that learns place with not much time consolidates in time.

Have a lot of learner however, to learns thing, without the time that can seasonable arrangement reviews, result when when they want to review, the content of study was forgotten already completely. So they must be spent again is severalfold time is relearned even likewise so (need to spend very few time only originally) , this very expend time and wasteful.

In addition, from the 2nd bookmark begins to review, must see the problem that enumerate of the place when study gives the first times first, and do not look directly textual. To arranges issue, must undertake trying memory, can complete, accurate, smooth answer comes out calculate through, if cannot read a book carefully again, indicate on relevant question earmark.

Trying memory is a kind of more active than reading process. Its requirement cerebra more actively activity, it is the process that a kind of self-check, ego controls at the same time, make the person can center the part that energy control cannot recall or the mistake in correcting memory, because this is,raise the important method that studies enthusiasm and efficiency.

The language that oneself should use as far as possible when answering a question will convey, come because of the word that uses oneself emersion, can improve the understanding to material. Understand bad data to still stay in the ” language formally of “ others normally, and understands well stuff, the language ” that just is translated easily into him “ .

The 3rd bookmark leaves the space of the 2nd bookmark, the distance that should compare the 2nd bookmark and the first bookmark is some further. The content that place of the 3rd bookmark reviews, should be the content that oneself learn before a week. Besides complete as identical as the 2nd bookmark program beyond, in the 3rd bookmark when reviewing the work, still should notice the content that learns place of the first phase undertakes inducing summing up. The United States teachs psychologist cloth Lu Na to think, the first issue that “ mankind remembers depends on organizing ” . Say commonly, the interest according to him person and the material that understanding structure organizes, it is the most hopeful the material in discrepancy ” of freedom of the “ in memory. The premise that undertakes machining arranging to material is analysis and integrated, deepen understanding. Writing outline is the logistic memory means of a kind of word, because of its language form “ others ” , carry vigorous intellectual activity, translate into him “ language ” . If the content of part of the trigonometric function in maths can be arranged,be just a little 34 (one extends 2 kinds of issues 3 groups of formula 4 image and property) .
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