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My study method
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One, study was not moved, interest in advance

Confucius says: “ knows person had been inferior to person, good person the person that be inferior to Le Zhi. ” this word is very reasonable, illuminate of its profundity ground learn interest the action to study.

Put interest in the first place, because interest is very important,also be. Interest can attemper more energy of the person are in some respect. If you adjust interest to study, you are then more than others a lot of energy, a stratagem which ensures success is a few greater also. Often learn very good person study to, come 3 years, the biggest discovery also nothing is more... than: She was full of interest to any course. This kind of interest, make it more than others one seeks knowledge desire. This kind seeks knowledge desire, make he won't let off each knowledge that has delimited beside her. A kind of to study straightforward that this also makes she had others to be accomplished hard is strong, so she can make a lot of others do not become the difficult problem that give too, also make she can develop her essential technique very formidably. What this enough reflects the strength of interest is big.

Education interest also is not a tickler. Here I introduce two kinds of methods only.

The condition that can use a person is reflexed, if a person always is fatigue moment reads,learn, he learns to want to sleep, if things go on like this, learn and sleep built conditional reflex, when learning, always be downhearted. This is the cause that some people attend class to always love to sleep. You can do a few businesses that make him body and mind cheerful before study, this kind of cheerful state of mind maintains when learning. After, happy formed conditional reflex with study, one study is glad, one glad go to school reviews. Achieved the interest of education study so. Learn nevertheless, such other side is OK also doing.

Interest needs to praise and be encouraged of others. When the interest that you need to be aimed at some respect, you first the business that toughen one's scalp-brace oneself does this kind to not be willing to do, cast with very old flame, strive for do a bit weller. Those who get others is complimentary and encourage, was willing naturally to do more, also can develop interest so. The of 3 below half semester at the beginning of me, have politics of a phase very poor, do not have what interest again. But I feel that I must improve political result. Then I come home to keep the most impracticable politics operation first everyday, often look for political teacher actively to discuss an issue. With respect to these two measure, 10 make my achievement has progress greatly in the day. Can say: Interest is the most active ingredient in study, it is the dominant element of impact study result, all other sides in deciding to learn. Must value interest.

2, Wu learns with beg

Still should cite a paragraph of word of Confucius: “ learns and do not think of criterion not; Think of and do not learn to danger. ” this word can not be to say casually, having deep intention. It announced Wu learns as main as what beg concern. Wu learns even if learn knowledge to learn skill, master skill; And be being begged is the concerned thing that comes through learning to think further the universal truth of common law (the theory that can consider as those having to carry out a meaning here) . Wu learns with beg understandable for the relation between theory and practice.
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