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Kongfu suffers from brigade to have fine day in hill of the book outside taking
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I am deep-felt experience the ” of “ fellow sufferers that still fighting bravely people the have no alternative to study, the student that any confronts the university entrance exam special want to search a kind of relaxed and effective study method to inscribe him Cong Shushan liberate in the pressure of the sea come out. Good study method can make study more relaxed really, but this is afraid is additional only. Face still belong to the university entrance exam that should try education, the examination questions that must let you pour a stomach more, exercise is inevitable really, so I want to tell everybody, the method of a few study that I recommend may give you a few helps, but the most essential remain pron yourselves pay and try hard.

English is thick accumulate thin hair

Begin from audition, it is OK that I feel to practice audition “ from arrive hard easy ” again “ from arrive easily difficult ” , easy ” of difficult ” of so called of course “ and “ is because of the person different. When be being written down so that I just began to pay attention to audition, I am resting when playing game, a few harder audition data listen when walking, whats are understood actually not, also do not stress even inattentivegeneral idea. This moment must not despondent, we just are searching a kind of “ to be full of ” of English audio environment. this kind of language fast it is with language setting in brain, make oneself familiar have the feeling that English exists.

But, when we begin to practice audition painstakingly, must preoccupied, one a careful ground listens. Should have only even a word did not listen clear, be about to repeat again listen, perhaps go looking textual. The difficulty of ” exercise data had better choose and him level considers or essence of this kind of “ listens is tallish, if effective word is OK,increase difficulty ceaselessly. Face “ essence to listen to ” , want to accomplish word word to capture, the audition part because of the university entrance exam actually particularly won't difficult, but it can be taken an examination of particularly finely sometimes. A paragraph of very long stuff, the answer in a word of amid, if because of oversight some detail and lose cent, can hold out regrettablly.

Additional, I want to say to carry a word on the back, establishing Your Vocabulary is the project that an as dry as a chip huge must be done again really. You keep carrying on the back, discover oneself are in however keep forgetting, this is painful really. I copy a word with Xiaobenzi before, the result discovers a lot of words were copied a few times did not carry on the back, depressed! Need not worry too nevertheless, everybody is such, forgot to be carried on the back again! Thinking is to doing useless work, every back metropolis deepens a bit impression. To finally, you can discover what write down the firmliest actually is those words that had carried on the back a lot of times.
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