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Reviewed method and strategy
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In reviewed process, after completing the step that tries memory, want to begin to read seriously. Of course, at that time when reading to learn with prepare lessons before class and classroom reading is different, it undertakes on prepare lessons before class and classroom study foundation. Accordingly, must accomplish the following:

(1) read and think to be united in wedlock alleged read and ponder over photograph union, it is to point to to in wanting the process that reading not only, want really seriously from A to Z, word for word is read, absolutely to the content of basic idea, ABC not careless, want comprehensive look over, and even the edge reads Bian Sai to take an examination of, want to consider the issue that appears in recalling a course more, ponder over immanent connection, should ponder over the understanding to knowledge and application more.

(2) should highlight mainly in reviewing read, should the key wants fine read and think. The part that understands to remembering mixing need not spend a lot of time again surely, and above the content that does not rise time concentration to blur with impression in memory. When read, it is OK to might as well the edge reads an edge to delimit.

(3) be in again con, perusal to a few serious content in textbook, must accomplish con and perusal. As to a few keys paragraphic wait for content with definition, theorem and law, go up in the foundation of con, perusal even, come out its back.

(4) in seeing the process that a few reference book are reviewing appropriately, read a few reference book appropriately or very be necessary. Reading reference book undertake on the foundation of the content that reviewing good textbook of course, and the content that the content that is combinative textbook goes to reading reference book.

3, arrange note

Reviewing a process to arrange note mediumly, it is to show the note series connection that should learn prepare lessons before class, classroom and reviews the place in waiting for learning process to write down rises undertake be machined certainly and be arranginged, make its become what a course is machined and abstract to review a data. The process that arranges note often is a knowledge is deepened, simplifying process. So, it asks index is clear, the center is outstanding, content is chastening, still had better have oneself original opinion. Such, the note that can make this course treatment rectifies manage hind becomes level to review the man Friday with the reviewing before important exam.

4, exploration and discovery

Reviewed content cannot above the content that mere bureau be confined to repeats textbook, and should undertake explore and discovering somewhat ceaselessly on the foundation that reviews old knowledge. Alleged " is lukewarm know new " so namely this truth. Want to undertake exploration in reviewed process, the basiccest measure is " doubt " , raise a question namely. To knowledge, should understand not only? Quot; is the problem of what " , and know " even why the problem of " .
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