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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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3, principle of a few study

To the specific means of study, often because of the person different, different student has different study characteristic, can take different step completely according to his actual condition. But also need us to abide by a few collective principles strictly, they are those who obtain study good result is important assure.

1, consciousness principle

Consciousness requirement student can arrange him self-consciously everyday study activity, finish each study job self-consciously. For instance on time work and rest, finish exercise on time, everything does not want to always wait for teacher, parent to supervise and urge examination. We ought to be made clear, the ability when should studying the behaviour that is a kind of consciousness is more effective, especially the high school student's study, main support is finished self-consciously. The truth is very simple, the high school student's age knows already: Study is his thing, not be the thing of others, if turn study into a kind of action that is oppressed by others, the motivation of study is met abate, as time passes can arise to feel wearily, lose study interest, study result cans be imagined. So, to those school work not the study consciousness that the classmate of beautiful answers to check his above all how, everything attributes all trouble, must be done self-consciously, this is the premise that has done all businesses.

2, initiative principle

Initiative asks the high school student's study has glow, get knowledge actively, do not await, do not rely on, feel not ashamed to learn from one's subordinates. Do everything, active and active it is the requirement that gains a success, study is not exceptional also. A lot of classmates lack this in the just in study, the problem would rather that does not understand is sodden in abdomen, also do not wish to start to talk ask others. What does the teacher tell, what to learn, do not jump over ” of “ Lei Chi half pace, communicate actively with teacher, classmate rarely. Some classmates also won't ask a teacher one year a question even, in the teacher's impression, unknown to public, this devoir is divided. These classmates are not a problem also is done not have absolutely, lack the initiative of study and initiative however, and this kind of passive study condition is very harmful, must change.

3, independent character principle

High school student of independent character requirement works have definite idea, not credulous, not implicit, not echo what other says, can finish study job independently, do not suffer the effect of colony factor easily. A lot of outstanding students often have such feature: Do not defend discipline when most classmate when, they are in absorption study however, complete work seriously; When others blindly implicit assentation when the teacher, they dare to suspect the conclusion of schoolbook however; When other classmate always wishs to let a teacher explain repeatedly, they are willing to think independently more however, the wisdom with him independent support goes hard getting knowledge. Be the independent character that they learn this kind, those who brought up them is outstanding. We think, if independent character is done not have in study, do not have creativity, obtain first-rate study result impossibly.
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