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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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The “ thickness ” that still has Hua Luogeng besides reads calligraphy; The “ stereo ” of Lu Xun reads calligraphy; Ceng Guofan's “ 4 person ” reads calligraphy; Law of “ successive ” ; 3 paces ” reads Liang Qichao's “ calligraphy; “ card ” of Wu Han reads calligraphy; The “ direct ” of Einstein reads calligraphy; Fast ” reads Kaxiyanuofu's “ calligraphy. Although afore-mentioned celebrity all of prominent personage person, knowledge also 1000 worlds carrying a name. But, their read method and scientific research method however widely different. Differ as a result of particular case and condition of course, the method of place application is different also, the method of the different need of course is different also.

The study method of a few kinds of different course introduces again below:

5, the world talent reads surely. Read, it is the only way of your career, it is the key that you move toward a success. A lot of successful personages, they can succeed, besides the effect that has an ambitious ambition, firm disposition and family, often profit from is edified some kind. This kind of edificatory besides the book, what can you still be? E.g. edison. Edison undertook in the school the study of 3 months left school only, edison fails to had gotten good education, his mother is his truly illuminative teacher. Maternal church the much door course such as his arithmetic, history, geographical, English, literature, imparting knowledge while, enlarge the intellectual face of edison ceaselessly, develop the intelligence of edison, at the same time his mother often still teachs him to want to read well, the career should be made one time after be brought up. The mother often still buys reader of a few popular science for edison, there is name of one the subject to be in these reader " the clique captures scientific reader " the book attracts edison deeply, the imagination that abounds for edison is inserted went up a pair of scientific wing. If you think the success of edison besides get maternal education is illuminative with firm and indomitable character outside, still with get occasionally " the clique captures scientific reader " and this key that scored open life success is concerned, so, the success of rich Lan Kelin not just indebted Yu Mou the edificatory of this book. Be afraid can be in without the person Fulan Cline of this name before apathetic, because although you are not an American, everything what had not enjoyed rich Lan Kelin to be made to American democratic place is contributed, but you always can experience the gain of lightning rod, rich Lan Kelin is its inventor. The success of rich Lan Kelin can say is the reason that with the book the knot left to indissoluble, want you to had been read only " autobiography of rich Lan Kelin " can find the solution from which. Rich Lan Kelin is in the home seniority is the smallest, he is having a strong body, the face of round circle, agile and quick-witted eye. He and other child are same, piquant and naughty. But he loves,read. Be about to come in christmas when, father is touching his hair, care ground asks: “ Bain, does your christmas hope what to kind of gift receive most? ”The answer says rich Lan Kelin: “ satchel, I want father satchel! After I had satchel, can go to school like Ji Mei in that way! ”This answer greatly beyond father's expect. Rich Lan Kelin, can have read, the book on father bookshelf, be read by him completely almost. He still can draw up a few smallish poetry, and in the letter that once attached the poem that he writes in father to write, sent the uncle that lives in London, and got of the uncle praise. Because family financial situation is difficult, rich Lan Kelin is forced midway discontinue one's studying was become to the printery of James an apprentice, at that time he year only 12 years old. During this, rich Lan Kelin got acquainted with the apprentice of a bookshop, he uses the relationship with bookshop apprentice, the book that loves him borrows in the late evening, remand in the morning the following day, evermore, he begins nocturnal night mug. The habitual far and near that small rich Lan Kelin loves to read is famed. As a result of the candle with the many need when reading in the evening, he tells associate stealthily people, the candle band that asks them to amass a few dot surplus for him comes in printery, when reading in the evening fortunately, use, companionate later people the parent knew this thing, it is his scrape up actively a few, still send him sometimes. Because rich Lan Kelin engraves the spirit of mug book to make,Your Excellency and children special ground admire, so, everybody ground of try every means helps him. When he comes home, his friend and parents at ordinary times the head of a few candles that scrape up comes down sends him as the gift. Every time when Fulan overcomes Lin Congyin to brush place to come home, parents always can send him head of candle of — of a gift. What common saying says is good, learn to know to be not worth next. To rich Lan Kelin seek knowledge desire for, resemble won't sucking full sponge forever together. The book that he reads is more, feel what go up from personal knowledge is indigent more, think of group of books more in read extensively one time. Rich Lan Kelin reads the desire of more book to satisfy, the friend that he called together a few hobbies to read organized to read jointly club, ” of entitle “ joint company, its member takes his book, built a small-sized library, make every member can read more books. In “ the support of joint company ” falls, after 3 years, fulan overcame Lin Youchuang to do the Philadelphia public library with a larger scale. Of this library established to still get social all walks of life aid financially, and do more jump over fire, become the parent of North America public library unexpectedly later. It is after this, rich Lan Kelin begins to get the success on the career, he planned to build the first library of American again. Share 100 people contribution at this moment, luo Ke ascends big lawyer to return a donated a few matters concerned to state the form that is law, the becomes library of raise donations of the North American parent that makes.
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