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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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3, cling to gold: “ recollects type ” . Cling to gold is a writer that has world effect. He ploughs frequently at the pen all one's life, never discontinuous. Write ” of trilogy of love of the ” of lotic trilogy of famous book “ that has widely known, “ : " mist " , " rain " , " report " , " " , " spring " , " autumn " . His work is become by interpret law, flower, the multilateral character such as day, Russia. Cling to of gold read the method is recollected namely read calligraphy. His this kind reads the book that the method recollects him to ever had been read when doing not have a book namely. Ba Jinceng is in " read " article say writes on the magazine: “ the 2nd my hospitalization, everyday siesta does not get out of bed to a hour sit on sofa, await nurse comrade to measured temperature at 2 o'clock. I am sitting, also do not move easily. But do not have catnap. My brain does not agree to rest, it is in a few books that recollect me to had been read in the past, a few work, before be like it to think the memory in me ebbs completely, reservation leaves good thing. ”

Memory reads calligraphy to be like the advantage below:

(1) can make full use of time, do not accept the restriction of condition and environment. Cling to gold experienced in 10 years of convulsion memory reads personally can make full use of time, do not get condition and the benefit that the environment restricts. Cling to gold says: During ’ of “‘ Culture Revolution if build villain in drama to allow me to keep a diary, allow me to keep a diary according to his meaning, write certainly in my diary full title. People will be strange, my study gives affixed a paper strip for sealing, added a lock, closed 10 years, from where do I find those books to read? They forgot to there is an old warehouse in the person's brain, storing inside others takes the thing that does not take. ”This example explains adequately: In do not have read under conditional circumstance, memory reads calligraphy to still can make full use of time undertakes “ reads ” .

(2) can accomplish gain new insights through reviewing old material, absorb nutrition deep. Carry memory, the book “ that reads past place takes ” , little is savoured, resemble bovine regurgitation same, further ground is digested absorb. Every are recollected, can have newer understanding, understanding and discovery. (3) can make the person draws mental strength from inside the book that already had read. Cling to gold says: “ I make a fight with the disease now, also get from inside various work energy reads new work although in disease I am done not have,encouragement …… , of past spirit fortune accumulate enough also I this is finite of survive use up. Arrive dead all the time, the person needs light and heat. ”Memory reads calligraphy is a kind peculiar and beneficial read method. Apply memory to read calligraphic premise, want to have the content of memory namely. Ba Jinceng an account in one's own words: “ has deposit of many 200 article to be inside my brain now, although I am right among them any one had not studied well, but the thing with specific so much, can make I understand ’ of alleged ‘ article is how to return a responsibility after all at least. ”Cling to this plants gold the “ in brains of conscious, designedly store book ” , it is to read the fundamental sex project that pursue one's studies cannot be short of surely.
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