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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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Was 1997 in this not ordinary year, to effect a radical cure the Yangtse River, benefit people of 1.2 billion China, our country moves an a huge sum of money, began great 3 gorge project, manage to facilitate and development library area, the Chongqing city that the country decides to former Sichuan is saved puts in central leader 's charge directly, delimit for the municipality directly under the Central Government. Be in this year on July 1, be plundered by England Hong Kong of more than 100 years returned the bosom of the motherland again, macao also will return big family of the Chinese nation from inside Portuguese gubernatorial hand in December 1999 in. Because here name remembered a poem to increase “ again finally,take seriously more municipality directly under the Central Government, hongKong and Macow returns to end-all ” . The historical dynasty that still has our country remembers a poem: Week of business of summer of Shun of Tang Yao the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty, random leisurely of age the Warring States, advance of the Three Kingdoms of Chinese of the Qin Dynasty is unified, the Northern Dynasties of the Southern Dynasties is correct, the Five Dynasties of the Tang Dynasty of the Sui Dynasty after 10 countries, song Yuanming's clear monarch rests. 6 short word, generalized our country historical dynasty alternated 5000. Have again circulate the season song that is in our country vast rural area: Chun Qinggu day of Jing of rain during springtime, heat of Xia Manmang summer is linked together, autumn place dew autumn cold Frost's descent, small Great Cold of winter of wintry snow snow. 4 this very succinct words 28 words, be worn by be widely read of millions upon millions farmer since extend is ancient, millions upon millions farmer can undertake by it spring kind v hoe Tibet of autumn harvest winter, can use it accurate arrangement is agronomic activity.

Except skill of afore-mentioned 3 kinds of memory, still the following kinds of science recall a way:

1, the feature recalls a way: Have the very similar knowledge on form or content to those, after observe through meticulous ground and be being compared in the round, find out the remembers particularly easily feature in wanting to remember content, expand to full text again by this one feature, can leave deep impression in brains. For example from beginning to end recalls a way, after an an article, story is read or after listening, emphasize mark from beginning to end, write down through associating next among. Note a characteristic, mark outstanding point.

2, memory recalls a way: Psychological test makes clear, memory is known than pure iteration it is good to note the result. has learned content, often try memory in time, memory is strengthened in recalling a course.

3, figure recalls a way: Abstract to those comparison place wants memorial content, can use the figure ground such as graph, watch to depict, conduce to deepen knowledge note a mark, improve memorial efficiency.
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