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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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Accordingly, had: “ gives a person a lot of money, be inferior to giving a person the view of one ability ” . If you want to master the knowledge with better more, have a more more reasonable, applicable knowledge structure, you are about to consider to read method, this calls “ to grind a knife not to chop Chai Gong ” by accident.

One, the high school student ought to take study method seriously

In middle school phase, study result stand or fall of the student, with whether master science study closely related the method. Accordingly, the high school student ought to take study method seriously particularly, creativity ground is summed up and use the study method that suits him characteristic. The mathematician with seventeen crackajack century, philosopher mixes France scientific methodology person Cartesian say: The knowledge with the most valuable “ is the knowledge about the method. ”

1, leap of modern society knowledge, quicken newlier, the times raised the study requirement that stricter and stricter, increasing appearance changes to us. Wear embroider pin by “ iron beetle only, result the kind that becomes ” to nature undertakes study, affirmation cannot suit. Mix today in the study tomorrow, the success or failure of study depends on merely anything but assiduous, assiduous, endurance, not pure also the time that follows expenditure, energy becomes direct ratio, mainer is to should have study efficiency. Efficiency from why and come? Z” gave the + of Y of + of X of formulary “W = of Einstein our beneficial inspiration. Here, w represents a success, x delegate is assiduous, z represents not wasteful time, blather less, y represents a means. The method increases to rising conscientiously with the effect when cherish or the action of countervail, only correct methodological ability assures to learn a success.

2, the study method that masters science, it is the important segment that the student forms study ability. England has a sociologist, once investigated gainer of gold of a few nobel prize, the person that discover these bear the palm thinks mostly, during student learning, the most important is to master study method. Mr Jiang Naxiang, ever had made a live figure of speech. He says: A hunter hunts in the forest, want to prepare shotgun and solid food. If a student is in the school, know to accumulate knowledge only, and do not know meanwhile, master the method that gains knowledge, so, working station walks up to walk into a forest like the hunter after he graduates, like taking solid food to did not take fowling piece only. Without shotgun, solid food is taken again more, also can use up almost to use up immediately. If have a fowling piece, can apply freely, so return what didn't anxious eat? This word metaphor is vivid, meaningful. It is important to learning to say what kind natively to say palpability control studies a method.

3, the good potential faculty that learns a method to still conduce to play student. Accept of Er of famous physiologist shellfish ever had France greatly experience ground says: The method with good “ can make we develop connate ability better, and clumsy square law is likely the play of block ability. ” it makes the student is the hunter that holds fowling piece in close Lin Zhongcheng of knowledge, obtain effective aggression ability and the margin that choose prey. 1980, steven · Wen Baige ever was opposite gainer of gold of professor of department of physics of university of American haing Buddha, nobel prize " gazette of science and technology " the reporter says, very important quality is the ” of “ aggression sex to knowledge, do not need to be content with accept the answer that you give on book, want to discover the thing with what and different book. This kind of quality may be more important than intelligence, often be distinction is best mix the standard of good student. Accordingly, you should learn to read scientificly as soon as possible method. Read correctly method not only can promote what you learn the job to finish. And the effect that can have get twice the result with half the effort; Read wrongly the method is met block up the play of your ability, probable meeting makes your accomplish nothing. Those did not master science to read methodological person, the feature that read is mechanical. And those mastered read methodological person, when holding a book in both hands, can enter a kind of very wonderful state. “ is read! Read! Read! There is 1000 bells millet oneself in the book; Read! Read! Read! There is gold house oneself in the book; Read! Read! Read! There is female Yan Ruyu in the book. ”
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