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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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4, discussion memory law: There is the place of insufficient understanding in learning a process, might as well discuss according to oneself opinion and classmate first, right in discussion process thing remembers more easily.

5, the exercise recalls a way: A few content that can be remembered through starting work are OK oneself practice personally, detect, experiment, check emend through practicing actually operating, enhance memorial result.

6, framework recalls a way: Remember general outline first, learn each detail gradually next, by thick to fine have memory.

7, comparative memory law: When remembering similar thing, can have two kinds of things contrast, find out similarities and differences; Or rise some thing and its contrary quite have memory.

8, classify recalls a way: List the content that wants memory outline, classify is arranged Baconian, have memory next. This kind of method calls “ queue ” memorial law again.

9, the key recalls a way: The key such as the formula in remembering whole content, theorematic, conclusion, basic idea, important sentence, the “ chain ” that serves as memory will contact entire content.

10, understanding recalls a way: The intellectual ability that understood deeply only remembers it firmly. Alleged understanding is to point to when should mentioning some knowledge, the fact that concerns with it can think of in brains, know its application or meaning, understand it to follow the connection of concerned knowledge.

11, inference recalls a way: Use be related thing derivative and adjacent thing or derivative causal thing will remember. If October revolution, May 4th movement of 1919, Chinese Communist establishs age of 3 important histories,can use causal will remember, the effect is better.

12, the network recalls a way: Like each knowledge that can learn place the dot connects thread, form a surface, write the word of the net, the connection between knowledge of so departmental cent also was seen with respect to clarity.

Studying medium memorial method is varied, be in specific the actual condition that him basis requires when applying, the choice suits the method that he remembers most, improve memorial efficiency. American scholar cheats a professor on the west (Ceng Huo has gotten Nobel economics award of award, psychological contribution) conclude via scientific test: One has the person of certain foundation, want him to agree to make great efforts only, a knowledge can master inside 6 months. His basis is his 1—1.5 minute can remember an information piece, and a course has 50 thousand information piece about (be equivalent to a big dictionary) Marx begins to learn Russian when 50 years old, the effort that passes 6 months can read textual book of Puxijin with pleasure.

In actual life, some people result is bad, think oneself memory is poor. Actually otherwise, memory is bad, it is attention is not centered, perhaps say not absorption. Have such one circulates long story. Shi Qiguo of the Warring States has Great Master of a go, chess art coronal absolutely temporarily, renown brace up the world. Name of two youth admire comes round to do obeisance to Shi Xueyi. This go Great Master sees him 2 people are clever and bright, receive his 2 factitious sentence, and bend uses up place of all one's life learn what to know, be about to help advance somebody's career two have purposely wisdom youth. Two youths from some begin to learn a chess, but produced change gradually. When two people learn a chess, wholeheartedly, preoccupied, for fear that has the least bit accident taking a look. And when another is learning a chess however, there is a wild goose to fly in always thinking a sky, how should oneself shoot it. After 3 pass, 2 people learn overbrim division, although be the child below the door of generation Great Master together. But former chess art masterly, one skill is gotten the better of repeatedly at that time a lot of ace, after that person as before chess art flatly, lifetime is incompetent. The attend school experience of 2 people is almost consistent, but however the wind up of two kinds of ending with great difference. Investigate its reason, it is the manner when 2 people are learning differs. Wholeheartedly, in the world that throws systemic heart go, and another thinks Hong Gu will come from beginning to end, half-hearted. This story accumulate containing a deep and simple truth: When we are learning, be sure to want wholeheartedly, focus attention. Attention is reading also is a quite main factor in career. Especially early in the morning one evening, cerebrum memory is best, make full use of these two paragraphs of time, memory wants the data that remember or wait about the data.
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