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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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What is best study method? This wants the student with different basis, the particular case such as different teacher assuming a tax will choose. Say commonly, good study method, should accord with the following 3 conditions: Accord with the scientific method that knows the rule; Accord with the method of characteristic of him individual character; Accord with the method of schoolteaching characteristic of different study content and different teacher. The student is in when choosing the study method that suits oneself, can from following a few respects fumble with summary: The learning process of different course (otherwise wants prepare lessons before class, do exercise hind to review first, still review by the side of edge affectation course of study, should specific issue is specific treat) , the method of method of prepare lessons before class, attend a lecture, method that revises method, feigned course of study and ego test, method that changes a fault and the method that unit sums up are waited a moment. Speak of study method, everybody has a different his. Good study method can make you learn get twice the result with half the effort, a few methods that summary of the place when some classmate is learning comes out are below, consult in order to offer everybody. 1, make study plan, in learning a process, make study plan to be able to use limited time effectively, improve study efficiency.

A few kinds of study introduce to plan to establish a method below.

(1) outline type, this is one of methods of effective.

(2) program type.

(3) syllabus type.

2, serious attend a lecture, make nice note. About how be being done good classroom takes notes, common saying says: “ rots shaft, surpass good head. When making note, want when to notice:

(1) not too notice a form, write should fast.

(2) want cento point, do not try to copy the edition book of all teachers, that does not make note, do not belong to yourself at least.

(3) note content wants diversity.

(4) note is not copied too completely, in order to facilitate you complement later, baconian summary and write down all sorts of index.

3, had used all sorts of study data.

(1) use good textbook.

(2) had chosen reach make good reference book, had better be to choose a few practical strong, explain more comprehensive reference book, it is to learn to do next.

(3) save of all kinds examination paper, do good classify.

(4) buy a few the press to come back to read appropriately. Above is the place when I am learning at ordinary times commonly used in getting a few methods to hope everybody is learning in the future, him study is Baconian, summary learns experience, the choice is comfortable study a method at his, this ability is best.

2, does the science in study recall a way so does in memory the respect have shortcut and key? Here remembers skill 3 kinds with example introduction.
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