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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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Same, lenin also loves to read as a child, 5 years old when begin literacy, very fast Lenin can chant gives a lot of poetry and old practice. But because undertook revolutionary activity and Lenin is opened by the school in young period besides. In Samala he taught oneself one year hard half long, the finish school that attended those to get fort university law to fasten with school exogenous identity takes an exam, he obtained the graduation evidence such as the armour of this university with outstanding achievement finally. Even if in the jail in czar government, also did not let Lenin forget read, lenin ever got fort to be locked up in those of 14 months long, in these 14 months, he used jail library to read the book of 14 months. He reads at the same time, collect all sorts of data to undertake study at the same time. A day, the sister of Lenin says when visitting him: The law case that “ hears of you is about end a case, you were about probably to come out. ”Lenin says tastily however: “ returns early Lie, my data has not closed neat! ”Lenin takes seriously extremely in lifetime read with study, in before a few months that its die, he still writes so in an article: “ we must offer such job to oneself, the first it is study, the 2nd it is study, the 3rd still learn, want to check next, make knowledge arrives deep truly inside our flesh and blood. ”

Einstein also takes seriously extremely read, he likes the old practice of those science in middle school times, wait the book of the respect a moment to meteorite, earthquake, storm, want eagerly ground to read, when university of industry of federal of Su Li world, he ever was him formulate a school year, semester, every months read plan, ordinal read philosopher Plato, cease plan, flute gets stuck, the composing that earths up Newton of physicist of root, Yalishiduode, Kang Dehe, maxwell, hertz, Laplace to wait for a person. On broad and profound knowledge base, einstein founded special relativity.

Old writer Lu Xun also is holding the good convention that reads conscientiously a few years like a day of ground. He at ordinary times besides writing, read namely, feel tired when him or rely on tiredly on cany chair to break up turn over newspaper to read a magazine, read regarded as one kind rests with recreation. Although be in a day that when Lu Xun dies, breathe in him very faint, below the circumstance of blood pressure abnormality, he still wanted a newspaper that day to Xu Anping, made to the message above and article read in detail.

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