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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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(4) Mao Zedong: More than 4 ” of “ plan. Mao Zedong often says to the person that works beside him: “ meal can have less, become aware also can sleep less, book but cannot be read less. ”When Mao Zedong is enmeshed in the book every time, often can not remember having a meal. The staff member is urgent he, he always says: “ still has little, look to eat. After the rice bowl since ” end, still be the edge eats an edge to look, sometimes after the meal is hot cool, cool heat up again, just eat on such heat a few times. Have a year of the New Year's Eve, the staff member beside Mao Zedong thinks: Spent the New Year, the people of the whole country is in festival of festival the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, we let him pass with respect to this good year, do meal some biglier as far as possible. But, when the staff member reachs meal end in front of him, see he is rereading paperback sedulously however " capital is talked " . Encircle a circle often to delimit on the book. After seeing this kind of case, although the staff member is afraid of dozen of care he, but, for his health, right still his say: Chairman “ , eat a meal to look again. ”Mao Zedong looks, meal already was placed on tea table, what say again he is bad also, be forced to put down the book in the hand, eat a meal to come, but, last meal still does not have pharynx to be over, he reads a book again. Mao Zedong is loved read, wide close read extensively. He loved a book to already loved to be like crazy like drunk degree. He is in in in every room of Nanhai replete book. There are several bookcases in his living room, bedroom and office; On dining table, on the bed, connect toilet in filled up with also he likes reading book most at ordinary times. He also should take book of on a few cases when go out, when the other place he often still borrows a book to look. He can be to realize that “ to live to be really old, acquire the logion of old ” . Student Zhou Shi of Mao Zedong is blunt, when speaking of the case that Mao Zedong reads, say Mao Zedong reads have a “ the habit of more than 4 ” , read more namely, write more, think more, ask more. Although love,more than 4 ” of this “ mirrorred Mao Zedong adequately read, but do not have blind faith in book however, independence undertakes get to the bottom of sth asks the spirit of the bottom reflection mixing. The main course of action that Mao Zedong reads has the following: (1) read more be read more and point to the limits that read not only wide, amount is much, still show important to those book or article are read a few times more, reach the degree of “ fluently ” . A few essays that Mao Zedong has read and poetic word often can read the degree of a recital. Mao Zedong is returned when old age can glibly recites poetry of many 500 ancient poetry. His main stage to a lot of novels, also often can one word is carried on the back not poorly. Make a few in the liberal art undergraduate that works all round him Jing is gotten dumbfounded. Because Mao Zedong loves to read a traditional thread binding that he saves very much " the Twenty-four Histories " , so that the cover of this book and some places are worn-out. Although, he arrives 1975 already serious illness pesters a body, the hand when writing repeatedly chatters, but he still went up to write down “1975.7 reread ” , “1975.9 reread ” to wait for model of written characters with one's own hands in a lot of books. Like minister light very much as a result of him " endowment control a warning " , so he " endowment control a warning " read 17 times. (2) when writing Comrade Mao Zedong to read more, do not read without the pen in the hand. The form of start writing of Comrade Mao Zedong is varied. For example: When his youth, on classroom attend a lecture writes “ classroom to record ” , “ is written to read when class hind is self-educated collection ” , additionally he still has choose hand-copied book, cento to be waited a moment originally. All sorts of signs on the importantly square picture in the book want when he reads, the book that there is his punctuate to approve a picture to pass in Feng Zeyuan's reading room more than 13 thousand. For example: " ethnics principle " whole book has 100 thousand much word in all, but, mao Zedong is in the blank place of the book with regular script in small characters, wrote the remarks on a piece of writing of 12 thousand much word. He is read " dialectics only content tutorial " when, use brush and red blue pencil to be in the remarks on a piece of writing that wrote down near 13 thousand word in the top of a page. For example: The dialectics that he reads Ai Saiji in Yan'an one postscript, wrote technically to read note, reading drew up the abstract of this book and oneself are opposite in note the view of this book. He often still is written read diary, in correcting a book fallacious etc. (3) when wanting to read more think more, namely the edge reads the edge is opposite him with the pen the “ of a few views in the book talks about ” to come out, resemble discussing with the author same. ” of conversation by writing of this kind of “ makes read became the process that thinks repeatedly. Mao Zedong reads in his in remarks on a piece of writing, offerred a lot of original understanding and incisive assessment, these opinion and evaluation are the crystallization after his perusal essence is thought of. (4) much Ze Dongchang asking wool says: Knowledge, tell namely “ learns ” “ asks ” . When we become knowledge, not only want academic, even good ask. Mao Zedong asks with respect to special kind in student times. Whenever provincial distinguished personages or scholar discourse on an academic subject to Changsha, he is visited ask for advice. After Mao Zedong becomes Chinese leader, still carrying this kinds of many asking style of study. After he encounters the problem that does not know, not be to read a few common booklet, consult an expert namely, perhaps examine reference book. He is pursueing knowledge everlastingly all one's life. Mao Zedong's ability and wisdom, labor of his hardships land is changed, it is him lifetime is assiduous and academic, well-reading great achievements, it is the sublimate of his revolution experience and crystallization.
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