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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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People to yield intellectual benefit at the mankind, just undertake learn and control to knowledge. But, if do not combine knowledge and look of study sth in order to apply it, so again good knowledge also made one caboodle waste material.

Does everybody know the literary quotation of ” of “ be an armchair strategist? Times of the Warring States, of excessive of Zhao of Zhaoguo's famous general child Zhao draw together, from a child is full read a book of tactics, often mention strategics with respect to eloquent, say to get clear and logical, do not pour him hard with respect to the excessive that connect Zhao. If be today, zhao draw together also should be equivalent to a Master at least. Zhao draw together is then defiant with respect to the knowledge with oneself, proud unceasingly, think oneself already the world is inapproachable. But, in BC 260 years when, qinguo and Zhao country are growing smooth battle, circumstance already refuse to budge did not fall. The sign that veteran cheap of Zhao Guo sees Qin Jun quite strong, meet head-on without rate arms, build base to stand fast, the method that prepares to use protracted battle pulls Qin Jun break down. At this moment Qin Jun with respect to exert of a sow distrust or dissension among one's enemies plan, allege Qin Jun most draw together is afraid of Zhao. Zhao Wang believes a rumor by accident, of the mother that disregards prime minister Lin Xiangru and Zhao draw together object, draw together letting Zhao is replaced issued cheap quite general. The palm at the beginning of Zhao draw together army authority, excited unceasingly. He leads main forces to garrison long after making the same score, cheap quite deploy was changed completely, copy strive for on a book of tactics active dogmatic, undertake hitting out. And Qin Jun however feign outfit failure undertakes luring enemy, after breaking up Zhao Jun into two parts, heavy tight encirclement lives. Aid grain of Zhao Jun was broken off. 450 thousand army is forced to surrender entirely, get to be killed by Bai Qi hole only finally, and Zhao draw together also is in chaos army be shot to die.

The inspiration that ” of “ be an armchair strategist gives us is: Know art of war again, again Xiao Yongbing's path, do not combine the strategics path with resort to arms and real warlike look, also want to fail. Well-known poet Liu You ever was in the Southern Song Dynasty " wintry night reads show child " in undertake to his son advise and encourage: The ancients knowledge does not have force of involuntary discharge of urine, budding time is old only then into. Must become aware eventually on paper shallow, know this matter to want absolutely bend forward row.

If you do not come with getting,paper thing is contented, so you are applied with respect to the knowledge that gets on the book actual in go, such not only can avoid Yu Fu impetuous, still can create wealth for the society, gain the knowledge with more substantial more in the study sth in order to apply it. 20 centuries after 90 time, because Chinese each college heeded the effect of the study sth in order to apply it, so each college supports very much activities of various study sth in order to apply it enter in the undergraduate of school, got very clear result. For example: In last few years, some college arranges Henan in succession one part student undertakes to the country duty takes exercise hanging, assist a country to undertake family planning works.
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