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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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Students see in backward area of the country a pair of couples are born several children, do not give birth to boy swear not to stop, without giving thought to the specification that basic level cadre advises in earnest teachs the job. Students are passed successive a few years make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, happen to coincide the ground reached a conclusion: The work of rural cadre is too hard, family planning job issues great strength to catch even. Students take exercise in what what suffer inside each college, cannot be likened to with the photograph of Yo person effect of the study sth in order to apply it.

The first, of professional knowledge applied ability to get examine and taking exercise in the study sth in order to apply it. On some school meeting, the speech of students special afford for thought. For example: When the students of Chinese major jackaroo to each press, newspaper office, TV station, they are touched by the typical place in the society, was full of passionate ground to draw up think oneself the report of be deeply moved, as a result the editor says their article has too thick student taste however. After they give directions through the editor, just understood the difference between “ composition ” and economic news. For example: When home appliance maintains a team to have a study for the purpose of application to the country, broad farmer masses special reception them, dan Gang does not believe their technical level however in the begining, then farmer people try ” with a few inessential electric equipment “ first they, after trying a “ effect ” , just move the important electric equipment in the home let them repair. Without doubt, students are after the activity that passes a study for the purpose of application, discovered their inadequacy, the inadequacy that is aimed at them undertook redeeming, make professional knowledge level got students rise.

The 2nd, heightened dispute discern ability. The dispute that goes up to the book is told about, students just regard it as configuration of a kind of knowledge will accept, did not get truly the shake regret on the heart, the person in the life and thing just make they got real shake regret. For example: Before some the achievement of year of occurrence advanced and typical Kong Fansen, students had heard of, but arrived when them when the place that flower model works, hear common people to send from words from heart, their heart got baptism, make they experienced beauty of good and evil truly ugly. For example: When the big Qiu Zhuang that the student of some college is in pair of Tianjin undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation, not only the one side that saw economy of big Qiu village grows, another when also saw Yu Zunmin: Living luxurious villa, live very extravagant life; The doorway still has 24 hours of entrance guard that be on duty; If what Yu Zunmin says, be in big Qiu Zhuang is “ law ” , nobody dare say not, yu Zunmin resembles the ” of “ local despot that is big Qiu Zhuang. As a result of Yu Zunmin's doing, students think Yu Zunmin already removed a model to be the first like no longer the communist of action. Later the development of a got-up affair as expected confirm the feeling of students.
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