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High school pupil learns methodological introduction
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Specific have the following principles:

(1) learn must successive. Learn any knowledge, must pay attention to basic training, want a work steadily, by it is difficult to arrive easily, solid experienced good essential technique, avoid by all means reachs for what is beyond his grasp, the content in front did not learn to understand, with respect to the urgent knowledge that goes at the back of study; Basic exercises was not done good, get a catch question, difficult problem blindly. This is very harmful. The principle of successive reflects for: Want to lay good foundation; 2 want by it is difficult to arrive easily; 3 want do according to one's abilities.

(2) study must be taken an examination of frequently at thinking of. The middle school is an important study level. In this during the ability that should notice education thinks independently. Want to prevent the sort of mechanical memorizing, do not help the trend that sees very. A few should ask more in study why. A problem can think from a few different respects, accomplish draw inferences about other cases from one instance, achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject. Want frequently to accomplish perusal essence to think of namely at thinking, want the adj relationship that the basis is remembered and understands namely, combine memory and understanding cheek by jowl rise, both cannot do one thing and neglect another. We know memory and understanding is close tie, supplement each other. On one hand, undertake understanding on memorial foundation only, understanding ability is lucid; On the other hand, have reasonable solution only participate in next memorial undertaking, memory just is met firm. “ perusal ” , want to accomplish: The heart arrives, the eye arrives, the mouth arrives, the hand arrives. “ essence thinks of ” , should be good at putting forward problem and solve a problem, with “ ego closely question hard way ” is mixed “ is numerous say to closely question hard way ” goes oppugning a problem.

(3) learn must meticulous. Study avoid by all means has only vague idea. For example, exercises err, this is constant some thing, important is it discovers an error and can correct it. Want to be about to develop this kind of skill in junior high school and even phase of elementary school study. This asks we inscribe medium each pace derivation to be able to speak correct reason to solution, each pace should have a ground, cannot assume sth as a matter of course, careless. Should accomplish namely fastidiously beg contented oneself, want to produce the initiative of study and initiative adequately namely, dig the study latent capacity with immanent ego as far as possible, foster and increase self-study capacity. Beg contented to ask not to read to read oneself, ought to try learns knowledge to digest absorb, become oneself thing.

(4) study must be good at summing up. Learn one rule, want to do a brief summary; Learn a book, want to do a summary. Summary is very important, different course summary method is endless and same. Often do summary to be able to help you understand learns knowledge further, form more complete knowledge framework.
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