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My study method
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Do science department to inscribe should can accomplish: After finishing, oneself know correct. Actually self-confidence believes he is capable to dismiss to the question namely. The effect that it has is you already some ability huge play come out. He is reflected somewhat everywhere in the process that you learn, so its action is really very big can say: I am the succeed person that self-confidence brings up, what my each pace grows to accompanying self-confidence is more mature.

Said so much, still say real thing. If you want to create self-confidence, crucial is the position that should put his in an overmatch. If you have strong headings in an account book, then you can look for to be inferior to you in this respect, say to him: “ my decision should help you learn such-and-such division, what needs what I help? ” gives him topic of the speech, look for a problem to do to him. This is creation self-confidence a first-rate method. Also can become the problem that a bit others ignores more, make achievement has very fast rise, also can enhance self-confidence. Self-confidence is the premise condition that utmost develops him ability. If you have self-confidence, you can say you are the succeed person of an one hundred percent.

4, the manner decides everything

Mi Lu has said: “ manner decides everything. This word applies to ” not only football, apply to study likewise. The manner in study includes the following fields: Active, enterprising and struggle.

It is very important to have an active attitude, can say: “ talent, be initiative erupt. ” encountered each thing not to shrink back absolutely, actively goes doing, this is a kind of active manner. The time that can make you compare a lot of others is much working actively, can do the business that a lot of need do more than others. The exercise that you get is met a lot of, get more easily also the teacher's attention. Enterprising can let you keep up, prevent a person to become degenerate. Look up, can not go downward at least. Here says more no longer. Struggle namely the effort that we say usually. The sort of do not fear pain, need also is in not be afraid that tired spirit is learning. Saw a significant problem, not hesitate all cost capture it. To learn, forgetting food and sleep is tickler not at all, wanted you to accomplish only have fun at. The manner is the premise of actual strength, good manner ability subject gets self-confident, excellent etc a series of thing. Manner and interest are coequal and main.

5, do not emphasize progressing

Said the thing of so much progress, seem to want such doing to be able to progress only like. Actually the thing does not resemble imagining so simply. Your progress people also advances, reflect do not come out. Not only when to arise to span type developed, just see likely. Do not progress or the degenerative dispute of little scope constant normal. If you become aware,derive from personal backwater not before, then you had been in progressed. If your junior high school is in 3 years,the place of the school did not change, then you had been progress. The knowledge that learns because of you is more and more difficult. What is more,the rather that everybody is in progress. Stop a pace temporarily not before it is to be you to get the next time greater progress prepares, want so common thing serves as without the effect after making massive effort. Having a lot of things after all do not wish along with the person.
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