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My study method
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Wu learns with beg must coordinate development, make sure both synchronism is carried out, synchronism develops. The profit that Wu learns and seeks tie is very much, if you are interested, can find out Su Shi " day analogy " will read, had been narrated very clearly over there.

Do well Wu learns with seek the relationship between, include the content of two respects. It is to thinking to go up with union of get right on the job, 2 it is to be on research study method and practice study method. Think to must be united in wedlock with get right on the job: Should be good at thinking in study, can expand at each o'clock through thinking from what acquire an a lot of knowledge, abounded the content that you learn so. Here lifts only. When 2 physics learn intensity of pressure first, involved connect implement principle. Such writing on the book: The container that upright mouth, bottom connects on “ makes connect implement, connect implement when the water in does not flow, the surface in each container always keeps smooth. ” (the person teachs edition physics copy in March 2000 the first edition 156 pages) can think so so on upright not ringent is what appearance (hold benefit in the palm to tear open li of canal) , ponder over bottom not to connect what is instead upside connects (siphonage) , think connect implement in the liquid that do not install water and installed two kinds to differ is met how (the computation of liquid intensity of pressure) , think connect implement if medium water flows meeting how (the influence of liquid velocity of flow to intensity of pressure) , think connect implement have what application (the principle of lock) , think to use force in a surface, another surface arises up how much is pressure (Pascal's law, the principle of jack) , think how to prove surface will be calm (counterbalance) . A definition, derivative 7 think. Such your knowledge were abounded with respect to big earth.

Research study method and practice study method must be united in wedlock: Got the means of study through thinking, must try, accumulate a lot of valuable experience through trying to be his, through iteration reflection these experience can think up new study method again. Can have new study method ceaselessly so. This ability is the method that studies a method certainly.

Did well Wu learns to concern with what beg, it is to make oneself update knowledge forever, abound the requirement of oneself brains, also be to keep newest ceaselessly, most the studies a method point that applies to oneself. Insist to ponder over as synchronous as study development to representing the development requirement of advanced study method, representing the ongoing way with advanced academic study, represented the ability level that masters the most extensive knowledge. Wu learns with beg must coordinate development, both wants synchronism to carry out, synchronism develops.

3, the first recipe that self-confidence is a success

Edison has said: “ self-confidence is successful the first recipe. ” self-confidence is very important in study, and one of parts of easy negligence in the process that self-confidence is study. Study result is occasionally bad, people often end tries hard not quite at his, not quite clever perhaps, often ignore the mentally tremendous effect to studying result. Can say: The adjustment of mentally is to want attitude of overweight study method, study (hard) . In study, in the heart quiet, can step next hearts to learn seriously, become a problem; Psychology is active can ceaselessly motivation of pressure translate into, promote oneself advancement; Same, him accredit in the heart, always do not think oneself are right blindly, can the key that not careless him jealousy has become. Look at this o'clock be like very small, but had crucial effect, it is an exam when, you can save next time to check those oneself to believe firmly true subject, it is the meeting in your heart changes after the exam have a root. Actually self-confidence is manner of a kind of life, it is the quality with a necessary person that succeed. Ground of for no reason does not build self-confident heart, however oneself should have the base with excellent strong capability. These meet what hereinafter writes.
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