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My study method
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After long-term plan is made, must insist to be written down sincerely, undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one's resolve to do sth plans successful best case for a long time namely. Very successful long-term plan also is to in Zhu Geliang's grand. Of the plan make avoid by all means exorbitant too big, especially short-term plan, its feasibility must consider when making. And each pace should be executed according to the plan. Make a plan take its directiveness seriously even. Plan equalize wants calculated surely value. Coach with it our study works. The efficiency that must want to see the plan is you rose, your life is to do not have consecution so no longer gift is nice. Said so much, the key still should fulfil the action to go up. After this discovered this problem with respect to need, make corresponding adjustment to oneself. If you now is such, adjusting you can be forever such, won't produce change. So gradually you were lost active, want again own adjustment is very difficult.

Adjust also divide measure 1, the method that has done not have, or take adventitious which kind of good when, do not want to adjust, because adjust the time energy that can waste you, in the end thes loss outweights the gain instead without how old effect. Must consider in front the “ in the study of my path is helpful for 3 times”2, small adjustment undertakes directly, big adjustment needs to have a probation, before executing big adjustment, must consider discreet, we cannot play away is as long as the time of a month. 3, in him confirm in the exam, if the forecast with oneself is same, undertake going down. Different, adjust further 4, very long later, think back to oneself adjustment. Seeing this adjust is effective, can reach what conclusion comes. Be the following life to accumulate experience to adjust is to obtain progress, the only way that advances up ceaselessly.

9, learn others

Confucius says: 3 people of “ have my division ” surely all right, others always can have stronger than oneself place. Others did the thing that him what does not do, should think, I am done so have profit to me, is this his successful recipe? This is the main method that I study others. Do not avoid to talk with nicer than him achievement person, what you do not have they have a lot of places. Should learn to them. Necessary when a bit more thick-skinned, consult something more to stronger than oneself person, discuss the method of a few study. These people often are the person that can give you the greatest help, their innocently a word, perhaps can make your suddenly see the light. This says to forbid.

The person may not that than you achievement differs is differred than you everywhere, there also is the place that you learn in them, you must be distinguished what kind of is the cause that causes them to be inferior to you, do not want to learn. And abstraction comes out the elite on their body.

Of Wang Xi once assembled of numerous home long, ability all changes archaism, by common people honour the emperor that it is a book. " Lv age " once assembled what thought of the various schools of thought and their exponents during the period from pre-Qin times to the early years of the Han Dynasty makes one word a lot of money is god-given good book. Han Fei child ever also assembled all sorts of different culture ideas, became famous ideologist. Confucius is errant the various states, acquired knowledge all is used for its, become the wise man of for generations be widely read. The be a comprehensive expression of that they are the domains in oneself person. Contriver, author, did not leave a full name, assembled only those creation innovation give enormous value, just be successful person. We also should study all study methods, all be used for us, ability has the qualitative flight on achievement quite
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