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My study method
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Lazy it is the method that shows it is better to search actually. Here applies to science department only. When encountering a very complex examination questions, do not be eager to be being done downward, the method that does not use a labor is solved. The time that spend a dot wants to have better method. Saved you to see the time of this problem not only so, also raised you to solve the ability of the problem. Have effect very much. The schoolgirl learns science department bad that very big reason is not known namely lazy. Learn forcedly to won't have best result. If go out to travel to still can abound oneself experience more, can foster immanent accomplishment of the person and explicit experience. The person often accomplishs above at 2 o'clock, can become have clever energy of life. This has some of person to be able to not obtain the truth of very good achievement hard so namely.

8, result of exam, analysis exam, make next plans, adjust oneself once maths takes an exam, did not bear watch. Of the exam is very special and anxious, result very not ideal, as a result of anxious several problems won't be done. From now on I also had not been taken when take an exam again watch. Exam, it is a common thing, ought to treat with common heart. The exam is to detect nevertheless how much did you master after all to knowledge. This ases if even if measure vital capacity, measure you after all to have how old breath amount. Without what distinction. Should hold “ in the arms to have how old strong, blow much air the thought of ” will take an exam. Such you can face an exam easily. Had taken an examination of tried, very naturally should analyse an exam. Analyse correctly, count for much. Before the analysis, assume cannot show what issue this, the undesirable consequence that can make analyse a fault so is reduced least.

The first pace, want, this him exam is satisfactory, to what satisfactory, be opposite again what respect is dissatisfactory. Think again, what does the exam have this special, for example: If the first time exam, exam …… that did not review has this kind of special case, so here can conclude: 1, take an examination of badly, cannot show what issue, I try hard, I do not answer my take an examination ofing below the letter bad! 2, take an examination of well, cannot show what issue, temporarily fluky, return hard, looking just is confirm next time my actual strength when! If everything is normal,undertake next. The 2nd pace, oneself slant division. Should impose a practice more to weak sports at this moment the 3rd pace, oneself are intellective element or blame intelligence the element brings about lose cent. Intellective element is about to adjust his method, be not intellective element to be about decorous oneself manner. The 4th pace, make the plan that studies next. The 5th pace, revise oneself analysis seriously. Finally, seeing his is progress in grade still is degenerative, not too care about, nevertheless substantially drop need a few unusual steps. Learning from beginning to end, perforative is a plan make. Plan cent is long-term plan and short-term plan. Short-term plan should keep making, for example: Keep what operation first in the evening, these days what is main task (the extracurricular problem that which becomes, capture the difficulty …… of which respect) this is very good make.
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