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My study method
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6, the primary purpose that drills excellent competence is study is excellent, it is a foundation solid. This is the core problem of study. Remember, the study method of whatever appearance must be helpful for making his base strong, be helpful for developing oneself good convention and the ability with higher level, be helpful for enhancing oneself study interest and self-confident heart. This is us judge study method is right oneself advantageous prime basis. And among them core is strong base.

Strong base can make achievement stable, strong base can make every time exam is not had place is fear of and the calm is faced, strong base makes sure the speed that becomes a problem and quality hold concurrently, strong base can make …… its benefit is very a lot of more. Accomplish more be not easy thing. According to me understanding becomes the best means when the problem, but different person does a problem to be able to have distinct effect. Do the person with little problem not to learn difference certainly, it is not certain also to do a person good with respect to achievement.

Do a problem to conduce to excellent, become a problem so very be necessary. The problem that the teacher remains cannot be not made, but oneself also should complement according to oneself circumstance a few exercises. Learned is on selection of subject. Do what kind of problem to want to want to achieve what kind of purpose to decide according to oneself. If oneself become a problem more skilled, search with respect to need a few not be very original common problem will do, not tire of of this kind of problem is done more, if a few problems cover wide word, can do on a few times more. First 2 when, my computation that make type is very poor, a few problems are as dry as a chip computation completely, I kept be being done several times, make oneself simple calculation ability had very great progress one morning. The theme that if should see more,sees all sorts of kinds must seek original title. If want to exercise oneself disintegrate ability, be about to look for big problem by brief into do greatly. Must do a problem fine, must fall on the pen, best can keep a process. Do essence of life only fine, just do in the future conditionally do greatly strong. Become a problem must not anxious, need is calm, like tasting coffee, slowly a few problems that “ savours ” your place to do. If do not have,time should not become a problem. Should remember be ” of “ rather go without than have something shoddy-put quality before quantity becoming a problem. Manage to find time becoming a problem also is not impossible, but best and subtle time is used to liberal art, such liberal art and science department can develop integratedly.

7, can play, can lazy, can learn next

Play and lazy put together, but they are two problems actually. Play to basically point to what learning to should have certain interest interest, loosen body and mind additionally even through playing, make the next time study has the effect more. Interest interest can make the person has an opportunity to adjust his body and mind, have idea through changing oneself attention is in, will adjust oneself excited dot. Had an interest, also conduce to the interest on education study. The hobby is to take up anything but the thing with study trashy time, it is helpful for the interest that increases right study, be helpful for raising study etc the efficiency of a few things. Must oneself like this kind of favorite truly, is not others is press. Do the campaign that spends physical strength to also can alleviate mental the exhaustion that go up.
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