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The high school student studies abroad hot Leng Sai is taken an examination of
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Take an examination of in, after the university entrance exam, arrived again the high school student goes abroad the “ fastigium ” that study abroad. Large quantities of in one's deceased father, in the university entrance exam loses out or need not attending at all, take an examination of, the child of the university entrance exam, be about to set foot on go abroad the road that study abroad.

Market research company ever went abroad to Shanghai high school student study abroad the fundamental condition of apiration has had special investigation, the result is surprising: The high school student that has close half the number plans to go abroad to study abroad. Among them
, have more startling at 2 o'clock: It is to have study abroad the proportion that the unripe scale of junior high school of the plan gives birth to than high school unexpectedly is even high, it is respectively 47. 4 % and 42. 9 % ; The 2 supportive rate that are parent of high school student are surprise tall. Investigation number shows, the two pairs of parent of high school student that exceeds 6 to become goes abroad femaly study abroad the plan supports supportive attitude, be not what often support to occupy among them 20. 1 % , support quite for 41. 5 % , and support not quite have 30. 3 % , object stoutly occupy only 8. 1 % . This one findings provides Shanghai quite representative. Some closer year come, the whole nation each are big in urban high school student studies abroad to already was become popular, no matter be big money gens, medium still go up the family of standard of living, try every means goes abroad the child lane that in going up, learns, even if is average household, the person that follow suit also holds not small proportion.

Probably, a lot of parents and child are full of hope ground to think, go abroad study abroad to mean future to be like bright and beautiful. Actually, the thing is not so plain. Many fact makes clear, to the high school student, go abroad study abroad may not is first selection, foreign education is not perfect.

Muddleheaded “ does ”

A lot of him parents had not gone abroad, to foreign education the circumstance is the fur that know only, so more just see and hear study abroad good one side. Then, for implementation child study abroad the prospective blue print that dream and him parent design for the child, not hesitate cost all savings to send out the child. However, because development of physiology of high school student, psychology has not mature, life experience is pure, and they are a singleton more female, lack the experience of independent life generally, often be immersed in the predicament that expect is less than consequently, be immersed in a variety of errors of life and wrong road.

Before going to England studying abroad, xie Mao is in Taiyuan 12 in first 3 read. To oneself future, she thinks Debuduo. Because father mother is in a company, although be not taken an examination of,attend a college, the outlet also is no problem in the future. So, when parents helps her contact England to read, she feels to be indifferent to. Accordingly, in economic atmosphere good parental skill is held do, xie Mao through studying abroad intermediary company “ does ” to London.
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