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Go to the countryside of undergraduate summer vacation time is accompanied " chi
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Data picture: On January 20, 2007, the week silver-colored child that area of Chongqing Ba Na tastes a cool with cold water or ice (left) with the undergraduate that comes from institute of Chongqing post and telecommunications Zhang Liu blueness chats. That day, municipal Party committee of Chongqing of the Youth League organizes ” of ” of elder sister of 50 “ intimate and “ intimate elder brother to taste town and form of 50 children staying behind to become two pairs, undertake be helpinged regularly helping up to them. Reporter Yang Lei photographs Xinhua News Agency

These days, the society of summer vacation time of each college carries out a project to start. The college such as university of Shanghai of Shi Dahe of reporter Cong Huadong is round appoint know, more and more practice projects have very strong society sense of responsibility, reflected undergraduates to be opposite the attention of weak force group, western the help object that …… of children of farmer, laborer, children staying behind, wisdom barrier children all is them.

For western sand farming seeks a way that become rich

Summer vacation time of group of a SIFE carries out Shanghai university the project laid the view Ningxia sand farming. In recent years, sand and dust is affected cruelly and endanger ceaseless aggravate, the situation that land sand turns also affects the undergraduate's heart. On June 29, their 4 people comprise project expedition, ability consortium is become in Yinchuan university youth of a few classmates accompany below, the on-the-spot survey that has by a definite date 4 days to county of salt pond of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, take off deficient in order to help Bai Chunlan of the countrywide model worker, hero that treat sand to become rich, and will be the same as the valuable experience that in the model worker of salt pond Yu Cong becomes rich successfully serve as draw lessons from, treating sand while the road that walks out of to become rich.

Bai Chunlan and Yu Cong all are judged to be countrywide model worker, ever accepted those who pass national leader to interview. However, as a result of all sorts of reasons, two model worker the rich and the poor is double in recent years day, bai Chunlan is heavily in debt, yu Cong takes off deficient to become rich however, still drove the person treating sand beside. The hope passes students to make an on-the-spot investigation and be analysed, find among them reason place, help thereby former.

Let summer vacation of children staying behind no longer alone

Undergraduate volunteer is teaching ” of “ children staying behind to use computer and network picture source correctly: Institute of normal school of shade of the Huaihe River
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