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13 times the university entrance exam becomes 39 years old of men this year acco
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This year is the 13rd the university entrance exam of Cao Xiangfan, success of 499 minutes makes him much rarer nod disappointment. Although fill in a form and submit it to the leadership Hunan of the first normal school volunteer, but he expresses clearly: &Ldquo; calculates admitted, also won't be read. ”
“ the university entrance exam is parents of my back and belly, I must rely on a student to do domestic train home to paper a mouth. ” Cao Xiangfan leans on an extremely shabby sofa, both hands lay open, the raise on briefly of corners of the mouth.

I think “ , the career that waits for me has been done, I again also need not the nest is in this little room. ”“ what is your career? ” reporter asks. “ the university entrance exam is my career, the life of my family relies on it. ” Cao Xiangfan emphasizes, to him character, the university entrance exam is his home teaching and administrative staff makes medium one part only.

I got “ from which fun, also acquired experience, I can use the university entrance exam to be familiar with examination questions, impart next again my student, you say so much good. Raise of every of ” Cao Hunan the notebook in raise hand, laughing to say, I am in “ now study the university entrance exam 2008. ”

The reporter asks him, if be taken an examination of this year,go up heavy this, can you go reading? Cao truly ponders: &Ldquo; is not read for certain. Can so say, I am taken an examination of after attended college of key famous brand, won't be read. I this year 39 years old, have 3 daughters, 7 the biggest years old, the least gift is 2 years old, does matriculate go reading 4 years who comes to the book raise the home? Even if read also an age, what can I still do! ”

Although the achievement this year connects 2 lines to did not go up, dan Caoxiang every continues to emphasize him “ next year be being taken an examination of even, the university entrance exam does not attend after 45 years old ” .

Come for years, cao Xiangfan all the time “ indulges ” at the university entrance exam, down to he almost with more or less to communicate with age person, his present life circle still is high school student of more than 10 years old. My psychological age returns “ lag is controlled in 20 years old. The ground says buoyant of every of ” Cao Hunan.

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