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The high school student studies abroad hot Leng Sai is taken an examination of
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Go back to the motherland after the beauty studies abroad 4 years poineering Mr Yang, mention low age there is feeling ground to say quite when student leaving the United States: “ young children sends go abroad study abroad, a lot of people burn money besides big outside, whats were acquired. I encounter a small student studying abroad that comes from Beijing in the United States, it is a government-owned home children, junior high school sends out, learn achievement and integrated quality difference, that school that is in in me read 6 years not to finish course of study. But his person leased a building, opening a racing bike all the day, went around 50 cities of American allegedly. Even if is American native land student, so can extravagant not much also. The parents that calculates him is again arrogant, sending also is to hope he can become a useful person, not be to let what he will travel! ”

Similar phenomenon still has a lot of. Because the parent is right,educational system of abroad lacks understanding, add undesirable study abroad the misdirect of intermediary company, after children go out, general meeting encounters language and environment unwell wait for a lot of problem, lost even the passport even do not know how to should fill do, come up against difficulty to also do not know how to appeal. Standard of foreign language of a few students is wrong, entered lingustic school not to finish course of study; Some students do not follow to go up education plan, learn involuntarily, be forced all the day outer loaf about, bedraggled green, wasted money.

Why does the high school student study abroad to heat up?

Since be this kind of circumstance, and not be individual phenomenon, so does the high school student study abroad why to return meeting year after year to warm up?

According to concerning personage analysis, cause a high school student to study abroad hot reason basically has the following 3 respects:

Decide by the place of educational current situation of Chinese home. From go up objectively say, educational natural resources of home is limited still, the enter a higher school that cannot satisfy broad student asks. Can imagine, if can keep away from approximately brutal competition, relaxed and successful room for action takes advanced courses into advanced institution of higher learning, many this pair of wealthy families, even if spends bit of money, they also are will not grudge. Nowadays singleton female be in the majority, parents are willing to invest on child body, hope oneself child can be taught goodly. Since educational natural resources of China suffers,be restricted, can not make the decision that go abroad!

2 it is the world's top-ranking famous brand university basically is in abroad, special in Euramerican developed country, its higher education exceeds our country with domains of a lot of sophisticated science and technology, if can seize opportunity, send the child to go abroad accept good education, study advanced science and technology, it is a favour of course. And, at present most of many unit of choose and employ persons have blind faith in home the bonze with ab extra “ is met recite scriptures ” , “ sea puts in clique ” 's charge to holding clear choose industry dominant position, study abroad personnel is met commonly in talent of the same educational level first take sb on the staff. Below this kind of circumstance, a lot of parents think, can avoid the brutal enter a higher school inside found a state competes, beautiful money lets the child gnaw ” of “ foreign biscuit, plating silvers coin one layer gold, mix a piece of foreign diploma, also have an advantage to in the future obtain employment, where is what is there against it? Then, the advantage that the person that has savor sweet taste studies abroad the high school student is wraparound for “ ” of 3 paces music: Learn a foreign language, obtain a foreign degree, find a good job.
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