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The high school student studies abroad hot Leng Sai is taken an examination of
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“ until arrived foreign land, when beginning independent life, I just discover the day that leave home is really sad. I come out through intermediary company, arrange with why be being met completely well, the result is not at all so return a responsibility, differ with original commitment too far, accommodation and study condition are not ideal. In those days, I awake to cry greatly everyday, also making a noise to want to come home. Mom follows intermediary company negotiation repeatedly later, changed a school to me, see me again personally, do sth over and over again a few months, I just consider the issue that go back to the motherland no longer, an An Zhi that can come already only, get used to the life here hard, strive for one's deceased father attend the college here. ”

To the daughter study abroad state, xie Mao's mother is very helpless also: “ daughter just went out that streak, telephone cry there, I also am in here cry. Consider record of child small off year, at every turn must rely on him, I feel feel distressed. Persuade the heart below him firm to let a daughter go out at the outset, basically be a consideration the baby boom is being met when she is born, obtain employment also can meet a height for certain in the future. Reading famous brand university is a right choice, but the study result with the child, in home with its beautiful money reads average college, still be inferior to door going abroad going film foreign gold. But the business grows now this degree, also we arrive without expect at the outset. We believe intermediary company too! ”

The person that like Xie Mao such muddleheaded go abroad is not little. The need on the land that does not have close exotic an alien land in look when child station only lived independently, ability discovery steps forward dimension difficult, difficult and heavy.

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Domestic some investigation group goes to New Zealand to make an on-the-spot investigation, right over there low age problem of student studying abroad had a special investigation, the result discovers the question is great. Investigation shows, the China that studies abroad to New Zealand is low age the student has exceeded 50 thousand person, among them the student of 80 % is not go learning, the parents that a lot of students are ” be hopinged children will have a bright future by “ force those who go out. They give ” of “ China student studying abroad ” of this “ gold-lettered signboard in a variety of bad behavior of abroad cheated ash. In these low age cohabitational phenomenon appears in the student studying abroad, a lot of people do not know sexual physiology knowledge and sex safeguard, gave a problem to be forced to go abort. As a result of local law the regulation forbids abort, a few schoolgirls are forced to look for a person to undertake under the counter, some turns to Australia to do stream of people even. Some students acquire gamble abuse, return some to be engaged in pornographic service even. A China article newspaper of place gives out such plainting: The Chinese student that people studied abroad to coming round in the past very admire, think they are assiduous and academic, respectable, can differ however now. In a lot of local eyes, student studying abroad of present a few China is really rich, rely on parents to make offerings to completely, wear name tag, drive good car, travel to circumjacent country, learn involuntarily namely.
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