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Undertake to minor " conduct financial transactions teachs " : early may not is
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Undertake “ conduct financial transactions teachs ” prematurely to minor, engraft ” of “ fortune idea, may produce negative effect, make the child pays close attention to money prematurely, oversight their “ advocate the accomplishment of the study of knowledge of science of culture of foundation of ”——— of course of study and basic morality character.

The student should hit the bottom that good morality teachs first, ability picture gives the beautiful picture of life. Yutian builds / paint

Face market economy society, many person views undertake to them from the child “ conduct financial transactions teachs ” in one's childhood now, engraft to them ” of “ fortune idea, get used to a society in order to help the child to live in the future. Also somebody advocates “ conduct financial transactions is opened technically to teach ” course in middle and primary school. This is after all a kind of “ and when the point of view that all takes ” , where is a kind of on thought of the peripheral understanding that still is pair of market economy societies, education blundering expression?

” of “ conduct financial transactions, manage namely and manage money, it points to not just how to use money to undertake consumptive, also include a money to throw a company, make money of money second birth, undertake “ invests ” namely, in order to win economic get one's own back. This is the education that adult should accept. Children still lives without independence, did not earn money, there are a few pocket moneys that the parent gives only in the hand, or a few money given to children as a lunar New Year gift that when spending the New Year, receive. That is to say, they do not have money to have of all kinds investment. It is rich, according to legal provision, minor also cannot undertake any commercial investment are mixed independently management activity. Cannot invest the stock market not only, buy lottery to be not allowed repeatedly even. " lottery of Chinese computer welfare issues regulation (try out) " the 4th chapter (bet) the 20th specific already provision: “ minor must not be participated in bet. ” sets this is with international “ conforms of ” , the area of Hong Kong and Taiwan of foreign country and our country, basically have such specific provision, the game that because lottery is adult,plays.

To minor, still do not talk to go up to undertake to money “ management manages ” , also do not have the knowledge of ” of conduct financial transactions of “ of necessary so early study and skill, do not have more be necessary to open “ conduct financial transactions technically to teach ” course in the school. To them, undertake “ consumes educational ” namely at most, teach the child to learn a few beautiful money to buy the common sense of daily study and necessaries of life.
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