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Ministry of Education issued an announcement a few days ago, requirement each di
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Ministry of Education issued an announcement a few days ago, 2007 class and the following new student should assure college of requirement each district to lodge by class. In principle does not allow student proper motion to hire a room to live in outside school.
As we have learned, at present our country has a college to did not arrange a student to press a collective accommodation inside dormitory and apartment. Still a few colleges exist to arrange the condition of accommodation by student economic atmosphere. Ministry of Education points out about chief, student class is school work most basic level, it is basic organization form of the student, the main organization carrier that is service of student ego education, ego management, ego. Constituent student lodges by class, conduce to strengthen class collective to build, conduce to begin education of student thought politics, conduce to student health becoming senior become a useful person. Carry out a proof, constituent student lodges by class, it is the efficient way that develops student education and management currently.

For this, inform requirement each district of each to the college fulfils the working requirement that lodges by class seriously, make full use of the opportunity of graduate leave school and new student enter a school, do good student dormitory to adjust the job. Other year student, did not lodge by class, want lay a course, progressively inside 3 years implementation lodges by class.

The announcement asks each college puts an end to each district to arrange housing by student economic atmosphere. In the meantime, want to build student of difficulty of perfect family economy to fund policy system, do student of difficulty of good family economy actively to fund the job, help them successful finish school.

The student of the room is hired in outside school to special account, each college fulfills each district of requirement of Ministry of Education relevant put on record formalities, strengthen information to communicate, teach management strictly.

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