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Recruit advertisement of announcement carry secretly: Is wall of reason of plum
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Recently, many entrant receives south the carry secretly in opening university admission notice is worn commercial advertisement. Your south opening college recruit students to do those who feel indignant is, in sending Fujian 62 newborn admission notice this year, remind a new student the data of the note is lost, and commercial advertisement is accurate however without arrive by accident. On August 1 " Chinese youth signs up for "

Who more this “ is indignant”

The university leaves south admitting the job is worth while affirmative, “ must not the agreement of ” of advertisement of carry secretly trade also is before of look up, abominable is ” of note of “ new student was stolen to change by ” of “ trade advertisement actually. But, by logic character, recruit students does not do personnel to send admission notice even if, at least also should supervise post by them, what does likelihood occurrence recruit students do not to know to have in EMS? More abominably assumes, where is the likelihood that also changes advice note secretly?

Consequently, the indignant ” than the university leaving south “ more of anger letting a person, I think is not postal company as, and just is recruit students square, by what to establish the liability to examinee on slight commercial credit? Any systems want to arrive at fairness and justice attain condition, each pace needs to pursue ” of “ blackguardly hypothesis, and cannot trust who is perfect morality person blindly, when colliding with regime in commercial regulation especially. Follow this easy to read and understand principle, we might as well the branch that checks those “ to may give problem ” anything but later, domain, link. Jiangsu saves Nantong city Deng Haijian

Need not reject ad

In commercial times, following commercial pattern is not the thing that lose face. Nowadays, advice note, school introduction, remind item to presswork more and more elegant. To south open university and even numerous university for, mail admission notice should not be the charge with small brushstroke. Although the school does not care about penny this a little bit, can conclude an agreement with ad business, carry secretly one paper advertisement, take bit of advertisement cost, be also evildoing? To accurate undergraduate, contact a bit advertisement, why to go up as to raise to the higher plane of principle line?

Indeed, tianjin is postal in send south open university admission notice to be in inappropriately from time to tome. For instance, partial data was lost in mail, did not aerate with the school and privately carry secretly. But the misgivings of the process, can not deny at this point effect of carry secretly advertising. The author can'ts help associating, be in during blueness hid operation of railroad be open to traffic last year, some subway railway administration also expresses to will reject commercial ad. Actually, commercial advertisement and its commonweal sex are not contrary, green Tibet railroad can pass commercial advertisement completely to be its commonweal sex to offer economy to prop up. Same, why must university and even accurate undergraduates reject ad again?
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