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The holiday reads encounter awkward child where to go to reading a book
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Province library more than 40 thousand little new reading places submit a written statement to a higher authority to wear, satisfied the requirement of young reader. Du Huaiyu of our newspaper reporter is photographed

The child that the book reads in the bookshop rises more. Reporter Guo Junfeng is photographed

The child that the book reads in the bookshop rises more. Reporter Guo Junfeng photographs sorching summer in, read a book to the library, got online a lot of children dismiss the choice with very good time of summer vacation time. However the reporter understands, a few students want to read a book, however suffer from socially the library is too little, the reading room of the school is gate lock, go bookshop “ loiter sees ” enrol person supercilious look again. To this kind of awkward situation, parents also can find no way out.

Public library reader is steep add

The reporter came to those who visit the library to borrow recently read room, a lot of students are before desk silent read, whole hall appears cool and refreshing and peaceful, formed bright contrast with the high temperature intense heat of summer outside. A high school student says: Since putting summer vacation, he is most by day time is read a book to here, “ weather is too hot it do not know where to go to is good to do not know where to go to, here book much, environment good, my home lives around again, often come so. An administrator tells ” the reporter, the near future because weather is too hot, day reads a number on average to compare much at ordinary times double, during having a holiday can recieve nearly 2000 readers on average everyday.

Borrow in first floor of Harbin city library before reading a platform, a lot of parents are taking the child to be being dealt with borrow read card, live in road of institution of higher learning install a gentleman to tell a reporter, he is to taking daughter and niece to come along here deals with those who read card, “ child home work is much now, do not have time to read extracurricular book at ordinary times, send here to read a book the child, can satisfy the child already read interest, let the child enlarge intellectual face, still can save many hearts. ”

Director Zhu that occupies Harbin library introduces, put summer vacation up to now this house recieves a student everyday 3 to 500 people, than one times more at ordinary times. Offer better condition to give a student summer vacation study, they enlarged adolescent to read hall, devoted still financing raised a batch of teenage reading matter. And from July rise first adjusted time of work and rest, extended two hours borrow read time, opened “ student to read at the same time day of ” , “ reads the activity such as lecture ” .
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