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From " order is taught " to " labour learns to be united in wedlock "
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A few days ago, institute of Qingdao profession technology sponsorred 2007 advanced professions to teach international forum, on forum, come from domestic and international high post to teach experts, the mode that with respect to China high post teachs transforms, and the development trend that international high post teachs undertook elaborating. Our newspaper reporter also undertook interviewing to partial expert with respect to pertinent question, what kind of way should education of Chinese high post take? What is the development trend that teachs when the high post inside preexistence bound limits? These experts, brought an international view to us not only, more important is to give seeking beneficial inspiration at education of profession of China of high speed developing.

As China the give an official of institutes of 28 first demonstrative sex high post, chinese advanced profession teachs the new level of the development that welcomes. For the education of Chinese high post that is not worth 10 years to starting, what kind of road is just the road that we suit most? On this second forum, concerned expert comes on, leave the dean that reachs each institute, everybody thinks generally, go in the error that education of Chinese advanced profession wants to teach " from " order, hold to " labour to learn to combine the approach of " .

Order can be to groom only, cannot be education

"Order pattern is not best mode, order can be to groom only, cannot be order education. "When Ma Shuchao of director of research center of development of education of high post of courtyard of Shanghai teaching division is accepting a reporter to interview teach the " order in traditional idea " to give above all negative. He thinks, at present we must pay attention to the education of skill, but can be equal high post education at grooming anything but, groom and education of record of formal schooling is two things.

To this one viewpoint, got duty teachs the self-identity of the experts inside the domain attending the meeting not only, also got the self-identity of business circles. The sea believes Li Jiancheng of undersecretary of ministry of resource of group labor power to express, enterprise and high post school should foster " to direct to " demand from pattern of traditional " order model change of " collaboration mode, because both those who having essence is different. "The first, from the point of starting point and footing, ’ demand is oriented model the mode of collaboration of school look forward to of ’ more base oneself upon fosters the strategy and bilateral long-term cooperation at the long-term talent in the enterprise, order pattern is fostered criterion more the talent requirement that base oneself upon wants sex of phase of sue for peace at satisfying enterprise short-term talented person. The 2nd, from the point of thorough degree of collaboration, ’ demand directs model the mode of collaboration of school look forward to of ’ makes both sides is grooming demand is evaluated, management of exercitation of education of teachers of curricular system design, education, education, student dogs a collaboration of a kind of development, interest appears to share on the many link such as education, the risk carries in all. And ’ order pattern fosters ’ criterion more the collaboration with the professional be geared to the needs of the job of lay particular stress on and low administrative levels, contented amount. The 3rd, from the point of the development contribution that teachs to the profession, ’ demand is oriented model the mode of collaboration of school look forward to of ’ more the curricular system that is helpful for change the school from longer phase and education system, be helpful for student whole quality rise, be helpful for realizing the transition that the profession teachs, build the development modes of life and relation to their environment that links cheek by jowl with social demand. And the means of ’ of education of ’ order pattern, school square one-sided regards a product as the supplier, just satisfy at showing the demand of company person with ability of level, go against the long-term evolution that the profession teachs. Go against the long-term evolution that the profession teachs..
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