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Snack type news teachs the secret worry of backside
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Teach department high statistic according to Ministry of Education, 1994, countrywide news learns kind of major the dot shares 66, arrived 2006, the whole nation already had many 460 of all kinds college to open news to transmit kind of major to nod 661, the student reachs 130 thousand more than person, annual graduate the 30 thousand more than person that by 20 centuries the hundreds person of 80 time adds to now. And up to in November 2006, countrywide approved issues the reporter total number of card of new edition reporter to also have 180 thousand more than person only, among them permanent staff still is less than 150 thousand person.
Who is Fan Changjiang? Answer ” of actor of “ famous essay. This jest, media of a central class is in out on the pen examination questions when reporter of invite applications for a job. “ has an exercitation student writing when interviewing draft, it is not clear to explain even time, place explain even time, place. Reporter of a media of ” Shanghai says so. The reporter of a newspaper office of Beijing has feeling more greatly: “ has many trainee to distribute not clear message and news report, do not know to guide language, do not know electric head. ”
The phenomenon of this kind of make a laughingstock of oneself before experts letting a person, prickling social nerve deeply. Accomplishment of news major student is defective, also not be particular phenomenon, the problem goes to go up in student body, bat should fall on president head. Before long, below the banner that teachs industrialization, education is screwy the nature of teach Yo person, became the tool of sudden huge profits of obtain of a few schools. Be in one round another round below the upsurge that enlarge enrols, the university quickened pace of “ ongoing ” , suddenly change one's identity of three-year institution of higher learning became a college, the institute put on “ waists-coat ” to become a college, should go up to create a condition to also want to go up without the condition conditionally in “ below the thought guidance of ” , offer the major that ” of two a chalk, mouths can do a few “ in succession. These major need not increase investment, do not add establishment, not need has scientific test, cost is low, profit is high, sodden ” of “ Qian Jingcan. Learn to be gotten somewhat as to the student, learn to be used somewhat, in the future how obtain employment, distain to consider. The student is in the eye of the school, it is exchequer above all, just be a student next.
With respect to news major character, above all it is a science, must handle affairs by scientific rule; Next, the society is finite to its demand, cannot develop blindly absolutely. In 20 centuries 80 time, still be in the key of a few especially big cities omnibus school sets news to transmit kind of major only, can arrive 20 centuries 90 time, news transmits kind of major to be rolled out quickly in college of countrywide each district. After entering 21 centuries, this kind of circumstance is to grow in intensity more, news transmits kind of major to be versed in in a few manage not only kind, normal school kind, finance and economics kind, politics and law kind, agriculture kind, sports kind school blossom everywhere, in school of city of level of a few ground, news transmits kind of major also in succession emerge in large numbers. News learns kind of major to nod “ to exceed groovy ” to develop to cause graduate to be begged for be more than necessarily. According to Chinese news education learns education of discipline of news of chairman, Ministry of Education to coach committee chairman He Zihua introduces, the quantitative substantially control with current media of our country news is in: Newspaper is made an appointment with 2200 a variety of; Periodical magazine 8000 a variety of; Stage of broadcast broadcasting station, TV station, cable television makes an appointment with 1000 each. In close 3—5 inside year, national news publishs total arrange to will continue to carry out “ to control dimensions, optimize a structure, improve quality, the guiding principle of ” of further beneficial result. This is meant henceforth inside period of time, news media will preserve existing scope, there won't be big growth on the amount, to news consequently the talent's demand will be finite.
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