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From " order is taught " to " labour learns to be united in wedlock "
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To " labour learns to combine " , su Zhigang of prexy of peaceful wave profession has feeling greatly. "Our school all major are united in wedlock with industry posture, the high-level administrator that the position of a deputy to the chief of an office that the courtyard fastens is enterprise, company is held the position of, both sides goes to work, contact the school and company together cheek by jowl so, this is advanced one kind namely. "Shi Zhongjian of Qingdao profession prexy tells a reporter, the buy outside the " teacher and student that this courtyard offers, community coupling " , the school standard that becomes traditional namely is standard of society, industry, economy of place of close together union grows program and major of business demand setting, determine professional direction, develop a state to undertake trends is adjusted timelily according to the enterprise. "The collaboration of we and enterprise, it is the professional capacity demand of basis company station, student of give attention to two or morethings can expand the education of ability continuously, determine structure of knowledge, ability, quality, make a talent develop target and education plan. And in developing a process, executive ’ is embedded ’ education, put the student in real professional environment to have solid example and Yo temper with fire. Put the student in real professional environment to have solid example and Yo temper with fire..

What is " labour learns to combine " mode

To " labour learns to combine " the definition of mode of education of this kind of high post, countrywide high post is high only secretary-general of president joint conference old liberate tell a reporter: "American profession society published 1946 " cooperative education is enunciative " taught mode to leave a definition to this kind for the first time, think it is ’ will academic study and real working experience couple rise, the educational mode ’ that makes classroom education more effective thereby. "2001, this concept gets be deepeninged further again, "The training of skill of the study that the study that combines with working look is a kind of will academic knowledge, profession and the experience that work actually 3 person union is together, make the student is in complex and the educational method " that live better in the world of constant change and develops.

Accordingly, he learns skill to combine a talent to foster the theme of mode to be surely: The classroom study the student and attend real work to be united in wedlock together, make they can acquire the thing that classroom middle school is less than, accept certain vocational training, gain certain working experience, enter professional profession smoothly thereby, be helpful for will developing better henceforth.

High to this kind post teachs mode, different school has his exploration and gained certain experience. Set an example for first country together the Wang Yi of prexy of technology of Xinjiang agriculture profession of high post institute thinks, high post school cooperates in look forward to of executive " school, labour learns to combine " talent to develop pattern in, needing settlement crucial problem is from post the profession analyses proceed with, make clear the requirement of professional post, then compose builds the curricular system that accords with post demand. "Course is the core link that the talent develops, the development quality of system of the course in professional training program restricts professional to foster the implementation quality of the target directly; And the form that implements curricular system is built should be with obtain employment oriented, foster mode photograph to coordinate with the talent, accomplish " 4 clear " , make clear professional post namely, make clear talent norms to ask, make clear curricular link, make clear certificate to ask, achieve the education goal that high post teachs better thereby. Achieve the education goal that high post teachs better thereby..
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