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The holiday reads encounter awkward child where to go to reading a book
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Lock of school library gate

Compare with photograph of lively library, bookshop, a few school belong to the library or reading room is a cold and cheerless however. The reporter visited much place middle and primary school to see randomly in area of Na Gang, sweet lane, school gate lock, the entrance guard of 13 middle schools tells Harbin the reporter, “ reading room just can be used during term begins, holiday cannot be opened alone to the student, because the student has a holiday, the teacher also should have a holiday. ”

Why does the library of the school appear unused situation? According to reporter understanding, manpower government cost raises, resource wears away the aggravate, safe hidden trouble “ obstacle ” that becomes school library to open.

We once had tried “ to open the library in summer vacation time, but school library has a teacher only, essential busy come nevertheless. And the destruction that a few students create different level to the book also lets a person very headache. The teacher that black old attached middle school does not wish to disclose a full name tells ” the reporter. By who the overwork salary of Mr. “ cold summer vacation is paid? The biggest hidden trouble is safe still. Holiday teacher is original little, if holiday learns survival to read a book, in case accident giving a point, the burden of the school is too heavy. A Chinese teacher in ”14 says to the reporter so. The reporter teachs a branch to also understand from Harbin city, the reading room of school of middle and primary school does not have what open to the student in summer vacation basically.

The “ in the bookshop sees ” enrol a person to disrelish in vain

In bookshop of institution of higher learning of Na Gang area the teenage reader area of 3 buildings, the reporter sees the child of about of a lot of students reads a book here, they or crouch or stand or on the ground and sit, this had become a distinctive scenery in the bookshop. However, this also lets book city in a dilemma. “ is little an assistant of books ” shop tells a reporter, pass as a result of the person that browse much, blemish of a lot of books, city giving a book brought a loss.

When the reporter sends existing very much child to read a book in the bookshop, the metropolis in the hand takes a few sock, look to eat at the same time at the same time. Be on duty gentleman of manager the Tang Dynasty says, this one phenomenon makes book city very very embarrassed, contradictory. On one hand the person that we hope to enter book town has been jumped over more more, consume potentially in order to promote sale and education group; On the other hand we fear such phenomenon appears again, books by blemish, will buy a book and still hoping client more is so do not read a book.

In interviewing, a few parents or tendency let the child read a book to the school, much air of “ bookshop person is bad also, it is easy also to crouching to read a book myopic. Although the library is good, but the book is too dated, the child is not to like very much. Ms. Li tells ” parent the reporter: Child of “ my wife and children finishs exercise gets online watch TV, if school library can be opened to the child in holiday, let a child finish many choice after exercise, that is to had better not pass. ”
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