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The high school student studies abroad hot Leng Sai is taken an examination of
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3 it is intermediary orgnaization is spread all over, go abroad study abroad convenience. Before some year, the high school student goes abroad studying abroad basically is the relation outside relying on individual sea, and the family that there is not abroad relation now can find channel going abroad all the same. These studying abroad intermediary orgnaization in each big city establishs a lot of service sites, every study abroad intermediary orgnaization can handle ten nations study abroad matters concerned. Add sea of on a few “ to put in the operation that sends ” do a familiar work with ease 's charge, make deal with a high school student to study abroad now any moment want advantage before formalities comparing.

Concerned expert says so

The high school student studies abroad to becoming fashion, many parents and student Dou Yueyue are about to try, think the shortcut that found an education child, it is cure of potion “ bag the effective prescription of 100 ill ” . Actually otherwise. Perhaps be worth parents about following advice that teach an expert careful consider:

The foundation that is home above all is taught actually very pretty good, for instance the of 3 maths at the beginning of Australia, also be equivalent to the level of semester at the beginning of us. Might as well in letting the child be read well in home, learn, had better be to be after domestic college graduate, learn parent language, lay foundation of knowledge of very scientific literacy, and had basic life technical ability, after taking an exam through certain foreign language level, consider to go abroad again study abroad. Such, it is to be able to reduce domestic burden, economic your writing studies abroad expenditure; 2 it is an university because graduation hind mastered a major, can have more clear assiduously study direction; The 3 practice that are course university phase train, the meeting after graduation has stronger viability. These independence study to child overseas and life are crucial.

It is the parent should be the child and family calmly to calculate brushstroke Zhang again: Send out the child prematurely, be worth after all undeserved? If hope the child can study abroad smoothly really, be about to consider the factor of a few respects seriously: It is the fundamental education that evaluates homeland correctly and higher education level, much channel understanding studies abroad fundamental condition of the country, have coequal education of its and home be comparatived objectively, study abroad in order to decide the child in this country, this school have without necessary. The 2 true conditions that are research school, choose a good school for the child, this are very crucial. The parent should understand the real motive of ” of “ intermediary orgnaization and “ security ” , had better try to get in touch with the honest student in studying abroad, understand school situation in detail, avoid to be deceived. 3 it is to search have conscience, conscientious “ guardian ” , let the child obtain true “ to assure on school work and development of character and morals ” . 4 it is the state of mind that adjusts good child, let them learn to suit with meet an emergency, all sorts of difficulty that can treat a likelihood correctly to encounter and setback.
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