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Student learning method is instructional
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(2) the achievement motive student that how raises a student is after all good result was obtained below the drive that makes intention, did good still achievement stimulate them to produce taller achievement motive? This is both ought to promote each other. Above all, good achievement makes they seek better result, and this kind of pursuit makes their achievement better and better really. Conversely, if the student can not obtain good result on study at the beginning, they will lose the intention that pursuit study makes, and transfer interest to other side to go at the same time (for example inobservant school discipline is among them one of) . 1. The relation of motive and target has some of student study the target is very specific. Look in them, the task that reachs the school masters skill namely, increase capacity, so, they have very powerful motive force to pursue their objective. The target of another some of student basically is in however self-expression. Look in them, the goal that reachs the school is the ability that confirms his, accordingly, they can search all sorts of opportunities to go project oneself, attend each activity to wait for instance, they also have power very much in these respects. The student that those study look mark is made clear likes to accept the study job that has challenge sex, and the task that those students that need self-expression fear to accept challenge sex. Although these two kinds of students are in difference of intellective respect it doesn't matter, but they care about annals character respect is to have very big difference. The student that those study look mark is made clear is mixed in difficulty firm and indomitable character often is shown before the setback, and those students that are a target in order to behave are before difficulty often shrink back not before. Not only such, before one kind of student can increase his capacity even before difficulty and setback, because they feel this is the test to them, what they care truly is what to acquire in the school, not be to be behaved how; Hind a kind of student feels very easily helpless, because they feel cannot project oneself, they do not care too acquired how many knowledge truly in the school, main care is behaved how. The place on put together is narrated, pedagogic task ought to be to help a student realize the goal of school study it is to get knowledge, and not be for the mark only. The teacher can carry the importance that emphasizes intellectual content itself, the value that reduces a mark at the same time will achieve this goal. For example, the teacher can tell a student so: We will tell about “ today circumferential rate, it is very important in our life. ” is not to say: The thing that we will tell about “ today is very important to the exam tomorrow. What should emphasize particularly here is, ought to avoid to use a mark to stimulate a system to pupil. The level that the success measures in the collective that realizes when the student he is in has level of a grade only, and his individual is when reaching this level unlikely, he may abandon hard. 2. Those who make intention raising achievement motive can rise. Sometimes we can accomplish this through changing external environment of the student. For example, some pupils study result in a class bad, he lost study power already completely in this environment, change an environment to perhaps be met somewhat improvement. The student may break through them for quite a long time inferior achievement motive, because they discovered the place of their ability in new environment. Make intention rise to still can adopt other way sometimes. For example, train ego responsibility ability of the student, let them feel destiny control is in him hand, make a student self-ordained target, achieve these targets to wait hard. Consider to make clear, achievement motive of the student is low because lack capacity,basically not be, because lack,try hard however. Accordingly, answer to increase their effort when with a view to in the training that raises a student to make intention.
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