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Student learning method is instructional
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(3) the practice application that motive considers 1. How to help a student overcome study helpless feeling study is helpless it is the failure that points to a student to accept his as a result of the negative feedback of each respect to go up in school work. These negative feedback include normally: Come from negative feedback of the teacher, come from negative school experience, come from a companion, still have come from him student. A lot of research make clear, if study target of the student frequently be thwarted, they can abandon these goals finally and review helplessly. The teacher can help a student overcome study through a lot of means helpless feeling. The following enumerated a few kinds of means are applicable to all students, the student that fails to those admit or accepting oneself especially is more applicable. (1) emphasize a good point: The attention discovers the student's advantage, use these good qualities to help a student overcome study helpless feeling. Ought to affirm above all, each student has advantage. For example, some student writing ability are very poor, but they very be good at a speech. Some teachers can take satiric kind: You meet “ talk glibly. ”If at this moment the teacher can be sure they can be told above all is an advantage, make the student is certain he has this advantage really, guide toward writing respect slowly again, compare good way namely. (2) desalt defect: Desalt defect is not the weakness that cannot see a student really, adopt a kind of more politic means to correct them however. Sometimes, you do not point out the student's defect directly, point out in his faulty respect your expectation is in however, probably the effect is better. Because everybody has ego introspection capacity, after you await period of time patiently, probably a certain number of after year, your student turned you into the appearance that expects at the outset really. (3) combine experience: Some students often it is difficult that to oneself concept or other issue feel unfamiliar, but, the course that the student concerns to those and oneself experience has fun at quite, learn from good examples more easily also. If the teacher can ask the student is in them,the issue area of outside school comes up to classroom, to raising the student's study interest will have very big stimulative effect. For example, some art teachers let him student design a room, the motive of class of the drawing on the student rises greatly. 2. The impact that the makes a teacher wish of pedagogic expectation and student makes to the student basically comes true through 5 measure: (1) teacher is due to different student different expectation; (because 2) expects to differ, the behavior kind that the teacher takes to different student place is different also; (what is the expectation that the behavior of 3) teacher tells a student them, these expectation can affect self concept of the student and achievement motive; (4) if pedagogic behavior lasts all the time, make those who affect a student motive and its behavior way; (5) the elapse as time, the student's achievement and behavior will be close to a teacher to expect to theirs at the outset more and more.
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