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Student learning method is instructional
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(One) the theory of concerned study motive 1. Motive learns theory according to behavior with behavior talking, motive also can say the result of the different aggrandizement that is pair of past behavior. If study behavior of the student got aggrandizement (obtained good result for example) , they can be continued to learn by drive; But if the student did not get aggrandizement from inside study (obtained an unfavorable result for example) , they will lose the power that continues to learn. If the student is punished because of study (for example because result is bad and by the parent punish or get the teacher's rebuke) , they will may escape study. 2. Motive and need need theory by the basis, motive is caused by need. Every kinds of need is different to the important rate of people, for instance some people need to be affirmed, by love; What some people pay close attention to physiology and safe respect more is contented. Apparent, one is having very strong study intention at the person of hungry condition. Be in the school, basic need of the student is love and self-respect. If the student is not experienced in the school,be loved, also see the ability that is less than oneself, they seek the power of higher end it seems that with respect to very difficult generation. If a student cannot decide whether he is loved, and capable, may seek a kind of safer way. For instance, he learns to just be an exam hard, because,be not interest; He can compare be gregarious, in order to find safe sense. Pedagogic responsibility is to endeavor to make each student feels be accepted and be respected. 3. Motive and disharmonious consider a ground acknowledge is disharmonious theory, the need that carries self-image is a strong study motive. For example: If we believe ourselves each respect capability is very strong, so that develop our study ability,we will learn hard, also can be in at the same time other side tries hard, in order to confirm oneself the ability of each respect. But, in actual life, we can encounter such situation sometimes: Our behavior and our self-image photograph is contradictory. Acknowledge is disharmonious theory think, when the viewpoint of value that discovers oneself when people and belief and oneself behavior or the view to oneself are abhorrent, can feel very uncomfortable. Plant to solve this disharmonious, the behaviour that people perhaps can change him in order to get used to its value and belief, perhaps can search excuse to make oneself behavior rationalize. 4. Motive and character are understood to be the general trend of incline to target sometimes by motive. On this meaning, motive is considered as a kind of relatively stable character trait normally. The motive place that different person is differred is incentive, so, the expression of people and achievement each are not identical. Motive regards a kind of character as the feature basically is to show the growing experience of motive and people is concerned. If result of a student learning is very good, receive the praise of teacher classmate accordingly, can form a kind of individual character that has deep love for study gradually; Conversely, can form a kind of character that does not like to detest study even. Pedagogic responsibility is, endeavor to be student activate the learning environment of positive obverse side, made formation is active study manner of the front and habit. 5. Motive and attribution theory attribution theory has 4 kinds of explanations to success and failure: Difficulty of ability, effort, task, luck. Ability and effort are immanent attribution, and task difficulty and luck are explicit attribution. Ability is a relatively stable element, it is variable element hard; Same, task difficulty is relatively stable, and luck is alterable. The success that the pupil learns him likely and unsuccessful ascribe 4 kinds of medium any or more. If the student succeeded, may be willing to because,put in this 's charge successfully very much ability, is not other; If the student failed, play to hard luck this failure ascribe possibly or course is too difficult, still can strive for a success hard next time so.
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