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Challenge competition transcends self
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Rapid time grows in this, intense competition already nowhere is absent. Competition also is full of in campus, we always face competitive challenge. Competition can promote the progress that learn and lives already, make our body and mind possibly also tired out. The society is known and answer competition to be attached most importance to especially to us should.

So how should we meet competition?

Above all, face reality, admit to compete. Today, we inspect competition to be normal, do not compete for unusual appearance. Consequently, we must face reality, should know to have the person that competition can have a success and loser, any trying evasive or the practice that escapes competition is a mistake.

Next, competition is Shuang Renjian. Competition can arouse the person's enthusiasm, the enterprise that trains a person, hammer into shape tough force of the person, overcome do not request aspirant, dejected appearance; Competition can enhance the person's intelligence, stimulative attention is centered, make imagination becomes rich, thinking is nimbler and agile. But competition makes the person generates worry in long-term insecurity easily also, occurrence psychology unbalance, the mood is disorder wait for a problem.

The 3rd, competition is intense. Study the life and ball game and do not have different, should enter only bureau, should be an annals struggles in what must. On all this worlds that are based on competition and contend, it is the leeway that exists without the illusion like fairy tale and sensitivity. Say natively to our high school especially, below system of active the university entrance exam, we do not have leeway.

The 4th, competition is double win. Compete in our study life more it is to inspire fight of our each other, its often cause the try to overtake each other in friendly emulation, situation that fly wing to wing as a result. Have the competitor of heft especially, saying with its is adversary, more the example that be inferior to saying is us and get the person that run.

How will answer competition?

Above all, want to have deep love for the life. Have deep love for the life to be able to make we are maintaining an optimistic and upbeat mood from beginning to end. What do not make excessive demands to succeed forever is brilliant, also do not want plan temporarily gain and loss. We should thank the life, understanding lives, let oneself have place of a good intention, can give alive relaxed, easy, free and easy, the person is born with can more wonderful.

Next, want to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. The interest of a person and ability are many sided, should notice to develop from already good qualities, dig oneself potential, can increase successful chance so, reduce a setback. In the meantime, competition can have success or failure, although be in inferior position when, also want to maintain the attitude of active enterprising, and do not take the advantage that debase or destroys the other side to obtain his, the heart gives birth to jealousy or also do not take wrong step, more not at this point cannot recover after a setback.
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