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Challenge competition transcends self
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The 3rd, want to have competitive consciousness. Should establish in interacting with the classmate go all out in work spirit and competitive consciousness, want to unwilling to lag behind in learning scientific literacy knowledge, dare to show itself; On life road, want to dare to risk a needle, contend for come forward when “ bird ” . Imagine not hard, one lacks competitive consciousness, study result flatly, the person with not active job is the move of esteem become reconciled that wins a classmate very hard.

The 4th, want to learn to cooperate in competition, compete in collaboration. Competition and collaboration are unified, it is to be permeated each other, supplement each other. Without cooperative competition, it is alone competition, alone competition is weak volume. Collaboration is to compete better, collaboration has healed, force heals strong, the possibility that succeeds naturally heals big. Someone has said, outstanding competitor often is ideal co-worker.

Anyhow, should compete each other between the classmate, want to eliminate envious mentality in competition, spirit of comity of cooperation of be particular about, understanding competes, the challenge competes, 100 barge are contended for stream. In wishing to competing between our classmate, transcend self, always nurture youth vigor.

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